Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spain is Africa's animal-trafficking gateway to Europe

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One terrified little monkey was found inside a tourist’s handbag during a routine airline carry-on luggage search, concealed with her tiny arms and legs strapped to her body with plastic. Another two chimpanzees lived locked in a dingy basement for more than 10 years.
Today, these victims of Europe’s illegal wild animal trade amble happily around the shady enclosures of the Primadomus Spain primate rescue center, nestled in a small valley protected by low mountains that create a natural oasis of green in Spain’s hot and dusty southeast.
The unassuming 450-acre complex, built six years ago near the small city of Villena and home to more than 60 primates rescued from abuse and neglect, has become a key player in the fight to halt illegal animal trading through the Iberian Peninsula.
INC News, 11/09/2014

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