Friday, November 28, 2014

Penguins of Madagascar Official Trailer #2 (2014) Benedict Cumberbatch M...

The Imitation Game Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Benedict Cumberbatch Mov...

Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Kremlin, Moscow, Red S...

Eternal Flame, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Alexander Park, Kremlin, Mos...

Brazil: heavy rain storm drenches Sao Paulo - no comment

Жилье будущего: в Японии представлен проект подводного города

Основной элемент. Происхождение речи

Шторм в Брисбене: 39 пострадавших и закрытый парламент

Пиво и сигареты могут вернуться в ларьки

Полицейский расстрелял ребенка. Видео уже в Сети

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Зарисовка о городе

Хватит спекуляций!!! Подверждение

Rotterdam joue son atout Cleantech - target

Cash-strapped Russian tourists stay away from Austrian ski resorts

Made in stone in Baku - le mag

Rare Polar Bear Triplets Born

The British Budget Retailer Taking on Amazon

Ebola Scientists Seek Cure With Ape Remedy

See the Purebred Thanksgiving Turkeys for the One Percent

AMERICA - ShowBiz Minute: AC/DC, LaBeouf, Spirit Awards

Jolie: 'I Never Knew I Could Direct'


KAZAKHSTAN - upravdom aksai lift 19 11 14

Get the Best Shopping Deals While Avoiding Spending Traps

Watch These Elephants Walking Through African Safari Lodge Mfuwe

MIX: Inspect Your Meal

Tips For Making The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ислам Каримов засыпал Нурсултана Назарбаева комплиментами

Кулинарная звезда - Кальмары с яблоком vs Морской бриз

Back on Top: New York Is Number One in Financial Clout Poll

Made in France Lingerie and Underwear: Tricky Business

Valérie Trierweiler talks to Newsnight - Newsnight

Raw: World Record Gathering of Elves in Thailand

Cosby, International Emmys, 'True Detective'

Raw: Construction Materials Allowed Into Gaza


Student Leaders Address UVA Sexual Assault Scandal

Monday, November 24, 2014

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Чтобы досадить мужу, женщина задушила двоих малолетних детей

Из-за полной безграмотности жительница Актобе не может помочь детям-инва...

Police protest against spending cuts in Finland

Czech president urged to quit by protesters

Digging for Spanish poet Lorca

Italian court frees Swiss asbestos polluter accused of involvement in 30...

Takata stalls on airbag recall

Female cop recruits take virginity test

Bionic limbs transform lives

Views from an epic snowstorm

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hitler's painting to go up for sale

Some 600 trafficking victims saved from slavery by Bangladesh navy

Eviction Resistance: Milan cops hit by barrage of Molotov cocktails in c...

RAW: Plane crashes into Chicago suburb

Fooling Fascists: Neo-Nazis unwittingly raise cash for fight with extremism

Врачи алматинской неотложки разоблачают своего начальника

Из класса НВП в одной из школ пропали пять винтовок

Казахстанцы читают только шесть книг в год

Lava flow comes to standstill outside Hawaii town

Mafia initiation ritual caught on tape: Chilling 'poison' oath (Italian ...

Severe weather hits New York

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Serial Killer Charles Manson Issued Marriage License

La morbida Candice, 90 kg sul calendario Pirelli 2015

European e-revolution people rise up

Israeli prime minister and Mahmoud Abbas condemn synagogue killings

ITALIA: La piena del Po dall'alto: l'elicottero dei Carabinieri sorvola la Bassa Reggiana

Scienza - Con un bacio in bocca tanto amore e 80 milioni di batteri

Un bacio in bocca di dieci secondi consente di trasferire, fra una persona e l'altra, almeno 80 milioni di batteri di 700 varietà diverse. E' questo il risultato di una ricerca pubblicata dal magazineMicrobiome e realizzata dall'olandese Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Così, il bacio che in molti Paesi viene chiamato "alla francese", simbolo e indice di passione, amore e attrazione fisica, non sarebbe altro che un modo di "sincronizzarsi" per le due persone che si scambiano in questo modo tanta saliva. 

Gli stessi scienziati hanno infatti stabilito che basterebbero almeno dieci baci di dieci secondi l'uno per iniziare ad avere lo stesso set di flora batterica in bocca e nell'intestino. "Questa ricerca ci consentirà di studiare il comportamento dei batteri nel nostro corpo e soprattutto di trovare terapie a tutti coloro che hanno problemi di salute legati a questi microrganismi". Batteri che, tuttavia, ricorda il team di studiosi, "sono anche utili al nostro corpo".

INC News, 18/11/2014

Мальчик-волк из Мангистау надеется на помощь врачей

В Алматинской области в тариф на воду включили коров, кур и овец

Israel synagogue attack: How did we get here?

Алматыда ауыр атлетикадан кезекті 81-ші әлем чемпионаты өз мәресіне жетті

New House Members Line Up for Photo

Raw: Time Lapse of Scaffolding at Capitol Dome

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New form of advertising

Intimissimi presents LACE GIOIA - Super Push-Up non wired

Intimissimi Fashion Show - The Show Part I

Dolce&Gabbana Winter 2015 Womens Fashion Show

Versace | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Show | Exclusive

ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Show

The History of Donatella Versace - Sexy Elegance - Part 1

Valentino's Homes Around the World

The History of Giorgio Armani - (2000) part-1

DUBAI: The Greatest City On Earth

School Shooting Drills

An Incredible Journey on the Nile

Batteries Running Low on History-Making Spacecraft

Freezing Temperatures Grip the Country

Kmart Employee Protests Thanksgiving Day Schedule

Friday, November 14, 2014

New fashion museum celebrates Pierre Cardin creations

Дикари встретили Ангелу Меркель копьями

Acapulco tourism feels chill over wave of Mexico violence

What's The Point Of Christmas Adverts?

Больше 100 лет тюрьмы получили обвиняемые по делу Рыскалиева

36 Hours in Dublin, Ireland | The New York Times

Hip Helsinki, Finland | Intersection | The New York Times

Kim Kardashian, Chelsea Handler... why's everyone na...

Do these sculptures objectify women?

AP Top Stories November 14 A

Stella McCartney Honored in New York

France: Big Cat on Prowl Is Not a Tiger

Алматыда «жол қозғалысының қауіпсіз аптасы» жалғасуда

Төбесi тесiк үй тұрғындарының тауқiметi

kasip mongolia 12 11 14

SKINNY: Steamy New “Fifty Shades” Trailer

TRY-DAY FRIDAY: Acupuncture Wonders

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Illeso il pedone, che pero' se ne va scocciato. Uno degli incredibili incidenti stradali in Russia

5 anni vissuti in coppia? Ecco le statistiche

Ferguson Braces Grand Jury Decision | NBC News

'Black folk been celebrating big a--'s forever...

The Future of Robotics May Be a Robot You Wear

Eurostar Unveils New Train Fleet With Ferrari Roots

What Brands Virgin Did Right and Wrong

Raw: Fire Destroys Motel in South Dakota

Moderate Earthquake Hits Kansas

Raw: Car Bombs Explode in Libya

Arctic Chill Settles in Upper Midwest, Rockies


WEBCAST: Man Sends Live Chicks to Ex's House

When Obsessing Over Healthy Eating Turns Dangerous

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obama returns to Myanmar

Hotels fight for '5-star Palace' rating

This $28K Personal Watercraft Lets You Fly Above the Waves

Koenigsegg One:1 vs. a Volvo Truck: Which One's Faster?

Japan’s Billionaires Make Billions on BOJ Boost

Raw: Alleged Thief Sticks Chainsaw Down Pants

ShowBiz Minute: Jackson, Concert, Monroe

Raw: Lava Breaks Through Fence Into Pond, Hawaii

NASA Rolls Out Orion Spacecraft

Taking a Bite Out of Chesapeake Invasive Species

'Back to the Future' Hoverboard Really Floats

Spoiler Alert: Airline Chef Showdown: Find Out Who Wins #1 Food In The Sky

"VALENTINO" Full Show Spring Summer 2015 Paris by Fashion Channel

Christian Dior History

Maiko/Geiko henshin make up tutorial

Kawaii Tutorial How to wear YUKATA(Japanese Tradditional Kimono for Summer)

Its easy to wear men's Japanese Kimono 男着物(浴衣)を着る方法 v1.00

How to tie the Von Vonni Transformer Dress - Kimono Sleeve Style

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Однополый брак зарегистрировали в России

Veteran's Solar Project

This Armband Makes Minority Report's Technology a Reality

Brazilian Billionaire Snaps Up Iconic London Landmark

Путин флиртует с первой леди Китая - BBC Russian

China: la visión geopolítica del gigante asiático - BBC Mundo

'Interstellar' Lands in China

Glamour Celebrates Woman Power

"Свидетель" 10.11.14.

Жәдігер - бесік

ДЕНЬГИ Сбережения

Hostage Situation in Oklahoma

WEBCAST: Singers to Remake "Do They Know it's Christmas"

SKINNY: Another Celebrity Goes Home From Dancing With The Stars

Calvin Klein 'Plus Size Model' Sparks Controversy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away KA

Iron Man: Behind the Scenes - Robert Downey Jr (1/4)

Protesters and police clash in French city of Toulouse

War on hogs: Fight against 500k feral pigs in Louisiana

Schiphol Airport Train to Amsterdam Centraal

Wat is de beef tussen Amsterdam en Rotterdam?

Best of Amsterdam: city of bikes, canals, museum, Coffee Shops and Red L...

La Perla Black Label Lingerie Fall/Winter 2013-14 | New York Fashion Wee...

The Equalizer Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Denzel Washington Movie HD

John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD

Le guide du Shiatsu - Cours COMPLET

Blote Braziliaanse billen - RTL TRAVEL'S HOTLIST

Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes

The Secret World of Wellness Ayurveda Ancient India [part 1/4]

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Colosseum: Ancient Ruin or Modern Venue?

WEBCAST: Museum of Selfies

Versus en el Carnaval de Río - Versus

From the Archive: 'Lost' Rachmaninov Manuscript Goes Up for Auction

The autograph manuscript of Sergei Rachmaninov's Second Symphony, long thought lost, was recently discovered on the estate of a European private collector. On Dec. 7, it will go up for auction at Sotheby's in London with a presale estimate of £300,000 to £500,000 ($550,000 to $920,000). Sotheby's has not revealed the identity of the collector, nor is it known how the manuscript came into his or her hands. What the auction house did say was that its authenticity had been confirmed by Geoffrey Norris, a Rachmaninov authority and chief music critic at The Daily Telegraph, after he was approached by the estate's executor. "The handwriting, the paper and the manner in which Rachmaninov made corrections — all are as they should be," Norris later wrote. The discovery is of major significance, in part due to the importance of the Second Symphony in Rachmaninov's creative output. A lush, grandly proportioned work in the late Romantic tradition, the Second Symphony is perhaps the finest and undoubtedly the most frequently performed and recorded of the composer's purely orchestral works. Only the Second and Third Piano Concertos rival it in popularity. In musical manuscript parlance, an "autograph manuscript" is a continuous copy written out by the composer in more or less final form, including orchestration. This is distinct from preliminary sketches and drafts, and from later manuscript copies made by someone else. Autographs often include corrections or revisions that shed light on how the work reached its final form.
see art. in: Rachmaninov

INC News, 07/11/2014

Leone cattura la sua preda ma il finale è a sorpresa

Cucciola di lontra marina orfana impara a nuotare

Leone di mare affamato salta sulla barca per prendere il pesce

L’avanzata dei social network

Pubblicità shock contro l’alcol alla guida

Vuole impressionare la bionda e schianta la Ferrari contro un muro

Polar plunge: Arctic air could impact 250 million Americans

90-year-old Florida man arrested for helping homeless

Inside Formula 1's Financial Crisis

Baby Hippo Born To Mom On Birth Control | NBC News

Orient Express Steam Trains Still Exude Luxury


Sport KAZ 07 11 14

Watch: seven Vine videos to relive the historic fall of the Berlin Wall

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Туристскую карту Улытау составили в Казахстане

A Captured Ice Moon | Out There | The New York Times

Jay-Z Toasts New Stake in Ace of Spades Champagne

Gemma Arterton Is 'bored of Jukebox Musicals'

Пара Азиада


Instant Index: Mystery Mega Millions Winner in New York

AC/DC's Phil Rudd in Court in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot

WEBCAST: Dramatic Rescue Off Coast of Southern California

5 Tips to Quit The Job You Hate

Woman Loses 110 Pounds in 2 Years

New Study Shows Popular Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Safe

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vladimir Putin will take part in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in China on November 9-11

The President will visit China on November 9-11 to take part in the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.  Mr Putin will hold talks on the first day of his visit with President of China Xi Jinping. The two leaders will discuss bilateral cooperation and current international and regional issues. They will also examine and discuss their respective countries’ positions on the main issues on the agendas for the upcoming APEC and G20 summits. A number of bilateral agreements are expected to be signed following the talks.   The President will take part in the APEC summit’s work on November 10-11.
On November 10, Mr Putin will address a special meeting of the APEC CEO Summit on Asia-Pacific region’s cooperation with Russia, and will take part in the traditional meeting between the APEC leaders and the members of the APEC Business Advisory Council. The summit’s plenary sessions will take place on November 11, and will be devoted to deepening regional economic integration, strengthening the APEC economies’ interdependent ties, carrying out structural reform and facilitating sustained growth in the region. 
INC News, 05/11/2014

Gerusalemme, travolge folla con l’auto

Olanda - Atterraggio da brivido a causa del forte vento in Amsterdam

Gazprom confirms Ukraine's gas payment

Flanked by mountains of potatoes in a central Paris square, irate farmers Wednesday handed out free fruit and vegetables to all comers in a protest against cheap imported produce.Organisers said between 700 and 800 farmers from the Paris region showed up for the demonstration, bringing in some 60 tonnes of potatoes and 20 tonnes of onions, apples and pears, all grown in the region.A banner reading "I want to eat French products today and tomorrow" stretched across a monument in the middle of the square. "Let us grow French," shouted Arnaud Rousseau, head of a regional farmers union, FNSEA. Their farms are threatened by the collapse of prices for cereals, milk and vegetables, caused in part by the sanctions on Russia, said another union leader, Damien Greffin.
INC News, 05/11/2014

Italia: Acqua alta a Venezia

Ballontocht eindigt in gevangenis

In India zijn twee toeristen met een luchtballon in een gevangenis beland, toen hun ballon uit koers raakte. De vrouwen begonnen hun tocht dinsdagavond vanuit Pushkar. Het was de bedoeling dat ze een tocht over een dierenmarkt zouden maken, maar de ballonvaarder verloor door een stevige wind de controle over de ballon. Hij zag geen andere mogelijkheid dan te landen in de Ajmer-gevangenis. De twee twintigers en hun begeleider hadden geen idee waar ze waren na de landing. Ze bleken uiteindelijk op het voetbalveld van de gevangenis te staan. Op het moment van de landing zaten alle gevangenen in hun cel.
INC News, 05/11/2014-via NOS

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NEWS OF THE DAY - England: Rolls-Royce will cut jobs in 2015

Not only Italy has problems on the job situation: 
British engineer Rolls-Royce will cut 2,600 jobs over the next 18 months.
This is the news arrived from Press today.

INC News, 04/11/2014

Abbiamo visitato per voi uno studio di architettura

Sebbene oggi come oggi il valore del mattone sia diventato un rebus per tutti, moltissime persone o compagnie si trovano spesso di fronte all’enigma della scelta adeguata nella costruzione di un edificio ad uso abitativo o ad uso professionale o industriale. Nella maggioranza dei casi, l'esperienza acquisita sia in Italia che all'estero (principalmente in Giordania), soprattutto nel campo delle innovazioni bio-strutturali ed ergonomiche, permettono a questo studio di architettura di posizionarsi in un mercato di qualità e di novità strutturali. 

Le avveniristiche realizzazioni riportate in fotografia, sono
esempi di come lo studio di architettura BioArch realizzi abitazioni secondo schemi sia tradizionali che avveniristici, ma pur sempre in rispetto alla ergonomia che alla biosfera abitativa, spesso dimenticata da molti nella esecuzione di moderni lavori di ingegnieria civile.

Lo studio, locato in Padova, si occupa di tutta la fase del progetto abitativo, includendo sia la fase architettonica che quella strutturale ed energetica, senza tralasciare l’architettura degli interni, la direzione lavori, l’accatastamento e le perizie.

Con un appuntamento, fissabile sia per telefono che per web, si puo’ dare vita ad un progetto perseguito in anni, discutendo con personale adeguatamente preparato, la realizzazione di un sogno che si puo’ avverare: la progettazione di una casa secondo stile e funzionalita’ superori ad ogni altro studio progettistico.

INC News, 04/11/2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

WW1: The Siege of Tsingtao

'Zombie' forecasts warmest Halloween on record... for the (UK)

Released Marine Veteran Tahmooressi in Miami

Ebola Survivor Nina Pham Reunites With Her Dog

911 Operator Hangs Up on Emergency Caller for Swearing

Thousands in San Francisco Hail World Series Champs

Caught on Camera: Actors, Politicians Fall Asleep on the Job

Hollywood museum wants to 'educate visitors about death' - le mag

Lawsuit filed for children of passenger on missing MH370

'Special lady' Conchita Wurst to head Crazy Horse show in Paris - le mag <