Monday, November 23, 2015

Подорванные линии электропередач в Херсонской области

Схожие по названию с ИГ организации страдают от нападок разгневанных гра...

Схожие по названию с ИГ организации страдают от нападок разгневанных гра...

Теневая экономика в ЕС: как вывести работников на свет? - real economy

Экспортеры газа встретились в Иране - economy

В задержке рейсов в аэропорту Алматы виноваты метеоусловия

Выставка картин

A moment of relax from news...watching new traillers...

Attentati Parigi, 16 arresti a Bruxelles ma Salah Abdeslam ancora in fuga

Egitto, seconda fase del voto. Scelta fittizia per dare ad Al-Sissi un n...

Belgian police arrest 16 in Sunday night anti-terror raids

France : l'activité privée freinée par les attentats - economy

Réchauffement climatique : les solutions d'aujourd'hui pour des lendemai...

Argentine : le libéral Mauricio Macri parvient à tourner la page du kirc...

Deuxième phase des législatives jouées d'avance en Egypte

Hondje dolblij met nieuwe pootjes

‘Brussel in greep van angst’

Alberta unveils tough climate change plan

Muslim comedians in Pakistan denounce Paris attackers - BBC News

ShowBiz Minute: Paris Attacks, AMAs, Vergara

Shootout Wounds At Least 16 in New Orleans

Belgium Police Arrest 16 as Manhunt Continues

Immigrants in South Africa fear further attacks

Brazil races to save fish from toxic mudslides

The media bias between Paris and Beirut - The Listening Post (Lead)

In the midst of the Paris attacks, more than 4 million people checked-in to Facebook to mark themselves as "safe" after the social media site activated its rarely-used Safety Check tool.It also introduced a feature that allowed users to overlay the colours of the French flag on their profile pictures to express solidarity with the victims of the attacks.These features prompted many to question a potential double standard: Where were they when dozens were killed in bomb blasts in Beirut a day earlier, or when 149 people lost their lives in Garissa, Kenya back in April?Critics accused the site of valuing the lives of Western victims more than those in the Middle East and other regions. Meanwhile, journalists covering the story were accused of making unfair accusations, using divisive terminology and xenophobic reactions.Given ISIL's objectives to sow discord and provoke repression, did the media play into ISIL's hands?Talking us through the story are: Habib Battah, an investigative journalist at Beirut Report; Professor Brian J Phillips from the Center for Research in Mexico; journalist Justin Salhani; Alain Gresh, an editor at Le Monde Diplomatique; and Washington Post journalist.

INC News, 23/11/2015 - via AL JAZEERA

Daredevil Breaks Wing Suit Record

American Rock Band Describes What They Saw When the Paris Terror Attacks...

US Increases Vigilance in Response to Recent Terror Attacks

2015 American Music Awards Show Highlights | ABC News

YAKUTSK (SIBERIA) - Ancient frozen lion cubs found in Siberian glacier may be cloned

Russian researchers have come across a truly unique finding of two frozen, perfectly preserved cave lion cubs in Siberia whose DNA may be cloned in the future.
The Yakutia Academy of Sciences unveiled the two cubs of the ancient predator that became extinct more than 10,000 years ago, and held a press conference where they shared the details of their discovery on Tuesday, November 17.
Collectors who were looking for mammoth tusks in the Abyysky District, in Yakutia, in Eastern Russia, unearthed two carcasses of furry animals. The photos of the discovery were later sent to experts for examination - and it was confirmed that these were cave lion cubs.
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INC News, 23/11/2015 - via RT

AMERICA - Rikers prison guard ‘raped a female inmate for 20 mins while 2nd guards watched’

A federal lawsuit has alleged that a corrections officer at Rikers Island jail sexually abused a female inmate on a bus for 20 minutes, and his colleague watched the rape as it was happening.
The guards’ names are Figueroa and Pearson, and the woman who sued them was not identified, in accordance with standard practice in rape cases, New York Daily News reported.
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INC News, 23/11/2015 - via RT