Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'Porn made my boyfriend abuse me' - BBC News

Sicily harbouring record migrants forced into long wait for asylum

Solar plane stops in China

Dutch architects show off 3D house-building prowess

Beauty Found in Science?

U.S.-Russian crew reaches space station for year-long stay

Giappone, un paese all'avanguardia nella prevenzione delle catastrofi - ...

Up-close footage of AC624

Naked Truth: Biden Reminisces About Ted Kennedy

AP Probe: Truck Tires and Speed Limits Don't Mix

Monday, March 30, 2015

LifeNews узнал, как выжить в экстремальных условиях

La voce di Toni Servillo - le mag

Israeli archaeologists discover Egyptian beer vessels in Tel Aviv.

Major earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea

Legendary Italian actor Toni Servillo on stage in world tour - le mag

Alerte au tsunami dans le Pacifique

Grande parade anti-austérité à Bruxelles

Twizy: El auto eléctrico de Renault

Mom proud of viral 'flabby' bikini photo

PayPal co-founder speaks out on Indiana law

Taylor and Madonna Unite




VIDEO: Man Overboard! Thrill Seeker Jumps Ship

Грузия зейнеткерлерінің жағдайы мүшкіл

Қырғызстанда қалың қар түсіп, халықаралық автожолдар жабылды

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Faroese boat makers strive to protect dying art form

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Tom Cruise...

Knox, lawyers react to Italy high court verdict

Crew starts one-year space mission

Искусство хождения по раскаленным углям

Экстремальный мастер-класс: как научиться ходить по битому стеклу

Погружение руки в свинец

Écoles sans frontières - learning world

"Spectre", on line il primo trailer del nuovo James Bond

Germanwings: le ragioni della strage di Lubitz nelle cartelle cliniche?

Militants launch deadly assault on Mogadishu hotel

James Bond delves into his past in 'SPECTRE'

Powerful images of the NYC building collapse

Nigeria elections: Displaced face challenges to cast vote - BBC News

The fight for Baku’s Oil - BBC News

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thrilled to Death: How Safe Are Roller Coasters?

Germanwings: More stringent psychological testing of pilots - BBC News


Plane crash victim's father: "I don't feel anger"

Germanwings: trovato certificato medico per il giorno della strage in ca...

'I want to set up my own cosmetic business. What kind of European help c...

What the Germanwings Captain was up against

Is Lufthansa entirely responsible for Germanwings crash?

Chart: Facebook Ads Increase Digital Revenue Dominance

Raw: NYC Building Collapse Caught on Camera



Malaysia's Woman Warrior

US Ambassador to Nigeria optimistic about peaceful elections

Are Crop Tops and Cutout Dresses Too Revealing for High School?


Een groot deel van Noord-Holland is vrijdagochtend getroffen door een grote stroomstoring bij energiebedrijf Liander. De stroom is uitgevallen van Alkmaar tot Hilversum De oorzaak is een defect in een hoogspanningsstation in Diemen. Dat meldt netbeheerder Tennet.
Medewerkers zijn ter plaatse om te onderzoeken wat de precieze oorzaak is. ''Als we dat weten, kunnen we ook zeggen hoe lang het gaat duren voordat de grote stroomstoring is verholpen'', aldus een woordvoerder. Het hoogspanningsstation in Diemen levert volgens hem normaal gesproken 380 kilovolt.

A large part of North Holland on Friday suffered a major power outage in power company Liander. The power failure of Alkmaar to Hilversum The cause is a defect in a power station in Diemen. Reported grid operator Tennet.  Staff are on site to investigate the exact cause is. '' If we know that we can also say how long it will take before the major power outage is resolved, '' said a spokesman. The power station in Diemen supplies, according to him normally 380 kilovolts.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

В Казахстане почтили память погибших в авиакатастрофе с Airbus 320

Олимпийские чемпионы примут участие в "Алматы Марафон"

Crazy Video: Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master

Новости КТК

"The Face of an Angel" di Michael Winterbottom - cinema

Le scoperte scientifiche della missione Rosetta - space

Germanwings crash dominates conversation in Seyne les Alpes

Teens travel to Mars in space simulation

Germanwings Crash: How Pilots Secure the Cockpit

Germanwings pilot 'locked out' of cockpit - crash investigators

Céline Dion says husband too sick to eat

Migrants Making Epic Balkans Trek to Europe

Police: Calif. Woman's Kidnapping Was a Hoax

McDonald’s Launches Big Mac Clothing Line

Accidente Germanwings: desolación en el pueblo que perdió 16 estudiantes

Disastro aereo, la popolazione di Seyne-les-Alpes attende i familiari de...

Bruxelles alza una barriera contro l'invasione dell'acciaio inox asiatic...

Bruxelles lavora per un mercato digitale senza frontiere ma avverte "è u...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Facebook Opens Messenger App to Businesses and Developers

Get a Personal Stylist Without Breaking the Bank

Barcellona punta sulla smart city. Dopo la crisi la rinascita, grazie al...

Aumenta el número de viajeros a Cuba

Mark Zuckerberg's Plan to Make Facebook a Home For News

Speed on ice

X-Files to return

Lucky Escape: Man who was supposed to be on Germanwings flight 4U9525 - ...

Drugmakers Focusing on Rare Disease Treatments

AAA: Distracted Driving a Serious Teen Problem

US Supply Chain Tainted by Slave-Caught Fish

Hurricane Katrina Airman’s Search for Girl He Rescued Goes Viral

Angelina Jolie Prevents Ovarian Cancer with Surgery

Germanwings Airbus Crash: Witnesses Describe Scene of Accident

Monday, March 23, 2015

L'evoluzione dell'universo in 2 minuti

Tumors grown in dishes could help customize cancer treatment

Un nouvel implant intraoculaire pour en finir avec la presbytie - futuris

Baby orangutan rescued from chicken cage

ISIS Includes Addresses on US Military 'Hit List'

EXCLUSIVE: Cyberwarfare toolbox revealed

Invisible Solar Cells That Could Power Skyscrapers

California Contractor Sues Reality Show for Alleged Defamation

KAZAKHSTAN - Kazakhstan celebrates Central Asian New Year - Nauryz

Nauryz. An ancient celebration of the new year, symbolizing happiness, love and friendship for many Kazakhs and other peoples of Central Asia. Literally meaning “new day” in Persian, Nauryz is one of the most beloved Kazakh holidays, which starts on 21st of March, the spring equinox. It is not an accident that the month of March in Kazakh is also called “Nauryz”. Carrying with it thousands of years of tradition, the holiday was celebrated long before the arrival of Islam in Kazakhstan, and remains largely a secular celebration, except for Zoroastrians. On 30 September Nauryz was included into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Raw: Injured U.K. Foxes Nursed Back to Health

3D Cameras: Practical Tool Or Techie Gimmick?

Science Examines Why Your Brain Loves BBQ

Does Islam Have a Violent Extremism Problem?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Police Shoot Man With Machete at New Orleans Airport

Woman Left For Dead In Trash Can Reveals Survival Story

Нурсултан Назарбаев поздравил казахстанцев с праздником Наурыз

В Костанае отменили ярмарку из-за концерта Сергея Лазарева и Бьянки

Парадокс XXI века: Британцы разучились заваривать чай

В американском зоопарке родился детеныш редкого дымчатого леопарда

Georgians call on government to resign

First lady Obama visits Cambodia for education initiative

Europe wants to help Libya to regain stability...again!?

Benvenuta tra noi, Kath! Dopo due secoli, il Guardian britannico lo dirige una donna, formidabile in tutto!

Aumentano le donne direttore di giornale in Gran Bretagna.
Questa volta tocca a Kath Viner, a dirigere il potente Guradian dopo 194 anni di gestione maschile.
Ci uniamo ai colleghi del quotidiano nel felicitarci per la scelta, che sicuramente portera' grande vantaggio al gia' molto affermato giornale inglese.

INC News, 21/03/2015


Zalem, Kazakhstan!!! Nauryz güten bolsyn!!!)))

Nowruz celebrations mark the start of spring

Lawyers: Robert Durst Illegally Arrested

Corruption blights Nigerian army's fight against rebels

Disturbing Video Of Teen Girl’s Final Moments Before Cops Open Fire In P...

What is your opinion, on this case? Give us your opinion, also in private

if you do not want to be recorder here, also in anonymity.

150321 ntl travel 1239 - Another story interesting to know

150320 2020 1 1002 - An incredible story

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wrong-Way Crash Kills NJ Cop, Injures 2

Al Capone Miami Beach mansion restored for video sets - le mag

State Dinner for TM the King and Queen of the Netherlands at Christiansb...

Sources: FBI investigating Rep. Aaron Schock

The Private Jet That Feels Like a Fighter Jet

Espectacular eclipse total de sol en el norte de Europa

Apple Watch Health Lab: Secrets Behind Most Anticipated Feature

ISIL suspected of genocide against Yazidis in Iraq, says UN report




African troops retakes Nigeria town from Boko Haram

Qatar World Cup final on 18 December 2022 - BBC News

Raw: Gun Battle Near Yemeni Airport

UN Agency Resisted Declaring Ebola Emergency

Find Out Where YouTube Star Michelle Phan Gets Her Inspiration

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Addio vecchio Gold Fix. Il prezzo dell'oro entra nell'era digitale - eco...

Preview The Boy Who Should Have Lived - the fifth estate

`Blockupy’ Protests at ECB Tower Are Absurd: Bershidsky

Solar Eclipse: What is it & how to watch it safely - BBC News

Putin sings national anthem at Red Square Crimea celebration

Vanuatu school appeals for books

Britain's Prince Charles, Camilla wow onlookers in U.S. visit

Tunisi si stringe attorno aI turisti colpiti "Attaccare gli ospiti è pec...

20 le vittime civili dell'assalto a Tunisi. Tra loro 4 Italiani.

What does 20,000lbs of seized fireworks look like when ignited?

Nigerian Muslim Leader: Silence and fear 'not a solu...

Landing on a comet

Blind dog an online sensation

Rise in 'sextortion' online

Hot tubbing in a PEI storm

Тюрьмы Франции - очаг радикализации мусульман - BBC Russian

On the Hunt for Astronomical Artifacts

Raw: Southern Lights Paint New Zealand Sky

Al Capone's Old Miami Mansion Gets Facelift

Crimea marks first anniversary of annexation by Russia

Tunisia ends deadly siege of museum

#1 Basketball Fan





Wednesday, March 18, 2015

28,000 years later: Scientists aim to clone woolly mammoth

Presbyterian Marriage Definition Now Includes Gays

Chernobyl's new 'shield' - BBC News

Veteran's wife reacts to new benefits

Palcohol: powdered alcohol

‘Needs time’: Crimea slowly stabilizes as prices, salaries, pensions rise

Barcelona's prestigious Liceu Teatre regains lost lustre - le mag

Russia moves nuclear-capable bombers to Crimea

Witness recounts unruly passenger charge United cockpit

Raw: Car Chase Ends With Rollover Crash

Kids React To A VCR

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Стрелявшему в парковщика в центре Алматы мужчине грозит до 7 лет тюрьмы

A mother’s quest to cure her son

Black Hawk Helicopter: A Worldwide Workhorse | NBC News

Francia, eutanasia: primo sì alla legge sul fine vita

Did Jesus reject his family?

Social media storm over Elton John and Dolce & Gabbana spat

South Korea to return remains of Chinese soldiers

Brazil's Christ the Redeemer turns green for St Patrick's Day

Kanye West Posts Series of Nude Kim Kardashian Photos on Twitter

На западе страны неделей раньше встречают Наурыз

Un Français cache sa femme russe dans une valise pour entrer en Pologne

Varoufakis says video of him giving Germany 'the finger' is faked

'If I use the 'N-Word it could ... cost me my c...

Winnipeg mayor cleans up

It's Cool to Be Nice at Tenn. High School

Inside Story: Is Facebook right to censor user content? - Give us your opinion!

Chile divided over teenager's euthanasia request

Алатау ауданында бір күнде 40 адам тұрақты жұмыс тапты

Countries Around The World Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With "Global Gree...

“Dancing With The Stars” Season 20 Premiere

There's Some Very STRANGE THINGS About CERN (2015)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Putin, Ukrainians, Chechens? - Who killed Boris Nemtsov?

Expedition 43 Crew Departs for Kazakh Launch Site in Preparation for Tri...

The final frontier: astronauts on ISS tell euronews about humanity's fut...

Crew Killed in Black Hawk Crash Identified

AMERICA RICCA - Nido d'amore a NY da 14 mln per Gisele

Gisele Bundchen e il marito Tom Brady hanno acquistato un nuovo appartamento a Manhattan, nel grattacielo One Madison Park, da 14 milioni di dollari. Lo riporta il New York Post. La casa sulla 23esima Strada tra Broadway e Park Avenue, con tre camere da letto, e' al 47esimo piano con una vista mozzafiato sia sull'East River che sull'Hudson River e anche su Central Park. Bundchen, la modella piu' pagata al mondo, l'anno scorso ha guadagnato 42 milioni dollari, secondo le stime di Forbes.

INC News, 16/03/2015 - via ANSA AP

Raw: Ohio River Crests; Highest Since '97

Miami Festival Celebrates Latin American Culture

Alarm over Iran’s rising influence

How life in space changed Astronaut Ron Garan’s outlook on life on Earth

Elton John Boycotts Top Designer Dolce and Gabbana

Kim Kardashian Takes it All Off for Season Premiere