Monday, September 28, 2015

Зарплату в 500 долларов получали проститутки в Алматы

Водители алматинского автопарка заявили, что их облагают данью

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Volkswagen, col riacquisto delle quote finisce la partnership con Suzuki...

Europe's carmakers 'tricking' drivers on fuel efficiency, new report claims

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Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Faces Sentencing

Is the 'Man Bun' Contributing to Baldness?

Rare super moon radiates light over Paris and London

South Sudan: Breaking the rules of war - BBC News

The artist who takes 17 years for a painting - BBC News

'Bigorexia': Muscle dysmorphia 'now affects one in 10 gym-going men' - B...

Family: Meeting Pope 'Like Being with a Friend'

Pope says 'God weeps' for sex abuse of children

Catalonia separatists claim victory in regional polls

Selfies Can Be Harmful