Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (13.07.2016) 13 июля 2016 «НТВ»

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Умер знаменитый босс-мафиозо Бернардо Провенцано

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Наследство Немцова: Ифтоди и Лесникова проиграли

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Криминальный детектив: суд отправил Шакро Молодого в СИЗО

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Water Bears Aren't As Cute As The Internet Thinks

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YouTube Wants The Music Industry To Get Off Its Back About Piracy

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Beloved UK Cat 'Larry' Is Unmoved By Brexit Instability

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Dallas Memorial Service Transcends Politics, Focuses On Unity

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El FBI escaneó más de 430.000 iris humanos en los últimos tres años

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¿Confundió George W. Bush los funerales en Dallas con la Navidad?: Así f...

Nuna vedimos cosas asi increhible....

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RAW: Rare summer hailstorm batters Berlin

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First Russian 3D metal printer uses hardcore Titanium, Tungsten & Vanadium...

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Даллас: когда закончится насилие

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RATES TABLE1 Euro Rates table

Top 10Jul 13, 2016 17:18 UTC
Euro1.00 EURinv. 1.00 EUR
US Dollar1.1108540.900208
British Pound0.8427821.186546
Indian Rupee74.4215260.013437
Australian Dollar1.4583050.685728
Canadian Dollar1.4400860.694403
Singapore Dollar1.4962180.668352
Swiss Franc1.0918370.915888
Malaysian Ringgit4.4067030.226927
Japanese Yen115.8805700.008630
Chinese Yuan Renminbi7.4287280.134613

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Pokemon GO fans told not to play in U.S. Holocaust Museum

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has told Pokemon GO fans not to play the popular new mobile game in its premises, describing it as "extremely inappropriate" in a memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism.
The game involves using a mobile device to find and capture virtual Pokemon characters at real life locations, including apparently inside the Washington-based museum.
The idea of players roaming its halls, eyes glued to phones in search of the computerized figures, shocked many after an image was posted online showing one of the characters located outside the doors to the museum's Helena Rubinstein Auditorium.
"We are attempting to have the museum removed from the game," the museum's communications director, Andy Hollinger, said in a statement.
The museum encourages visitors to use their mobile phones to share and engage with exhibits while visiting, he added.
"Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls far outside of our educational and memorial mission," Hollinger said.
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Житель Астаны занимается накопительством мусора у себя дома

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China Seeks New Approach to Gymnastics

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Venezuela army takes over food distribution services

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US election 2016: Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

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Theresa May to take over as Britain’s new PM

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Tourists taken to disputed South China Sea islands

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Officer Picks Up Tab for Couple Refusing to Sit Next to Him

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Michigan Courthouse Shooting - Shooter Was Handcuffed Before Killing 2

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Mom Attacks Bus Driver With Stroller

Surveillance footage from inside an Albuquerque city bus shows the driver attacked -- first by a 21-year-old carrying a knife and then a mother with a stroller.

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Phoenix Serial Shooter Manhunt Underway

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Dallas Officers Killed Mourned by the Nation

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