Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Парикмахер из Бразилии создала коллекцию одежды из человеческих волос

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Escort on serial killer: 'He was there to kill me'

Ducks caught in oil spill released

Missing Russian helicopter pilot found alive

A Russian helicopter pilot who went missing during the Iqaluit-to-Greenland portion of a trip around the world was down to his last flare when he was found on a floe in the Davis Strait this morning.
Sergey Ananov, who left Moscow in mid-June, was travelling to Greenland in a Robinson R-22 helicopter after fuelling up in Iqaluit when the Canadian Forces Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre received information about a missing helicopter Saturday morning.

INC News, 28/07/2015 - via CBC News

Bailey Matthews, 8, with cerebral palsy completes triathlon - BBC News

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