Friday, December 18, 2015

Как использовать яичную скорлупу? (18.12.15.)

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COA wil grote opvang, maar gemeentes niet - RTL NIEUWS

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The fast news of De Telegraaf - DiCaprio achter NL'se modellen aan

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Nutella refuses to give girl named Isis personalized Nutella jar

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Tim Peake 'yet to master' a somersault in space - BBC News

INC News, 18/12/2015 - via BBC News

Earthrise - In Your Backyard

Climate change is no mystery. We know what we have to do to limit emissions and we know we need to change our behaviour and yet we fail to take the kind of action necessary. Why? In this earthrise film we delve into the complex psychology of human behaviour around climate change and how we can turn apathy into action.

Regular earthrise presenter Gelareh Darabi travels back to her roots in British Columbia, Canada, where she meets Robert Gifford, an environmental psychologist. Professor Gifford has written extensively about the relationship between the human brain, psychology and climate change. "We are still very much focused on survival and the 'now'," he says. "We get comfortable in our lifestyles and interpret any sign of uncertainty as sufficient reason not to act." But there is a ray of hope in his research. "Humans display an unwavering attachment to their place of dwelling," he adds.
Melina Laboucan Massimo is a prominent activist who comes from the Laboucan Cree nation tribe in Canada. Their community's backyard is the famous Alberta tar sands; the size of Greece, it is the largest industrial project on earth. Massimo has been actively fighting exploitation of the tar sands for nearly a decade and her motivation is her close connection to her ancestral land. 
Gelareh also travels to Shanghai, China, where she meets renegade advertising guru Handsome Wong. As a new father, he is eager to encourage public debate over China's devastating pollution problem which claims the lives of 4,000 people a day. Wong’s work caught global attention when he projected images of crying babies on to the smog produced by nearby industrial chimneys. He explains that while environmental protests in China can be dangerous for the activists involved, advertising is a clever and effective way to get important messages out and encourage climate action.

INC News, 18/12/2015 - via AL JAZEERA

Donbass 360 drone video: Donetsk airport ruins and testimony

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Double launch! 2 Galileo satellites start their journey to space

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Топ-модель Бар Рафаэль подозревается в уклонении от уплаты налогов

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Brasile: WhatsApp è tornato on line dopo un blocco di 12 ore disposto da...

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Royaume Uni - Union Européenne : un bras de fer pour l'instant cordial

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The loved ones who disappear without a trace - BBC News

INC News, 18/12/2015 - BBC News

Canadian forces involved in firefight in Iraq

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Attacks on Muslims spike in U.K.

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Putin Aiming for Improved Ties with US

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Raw: Big Haul of Cards for Young Burn Victim

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Restoring the World's Largest Musical Instrument

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Filipino retiree turns home into library

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The People's Health - Turkey's Transformation

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Woman Arrested for Alleged Stabbing Reportedly Sent Email to Newspaper

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New Study Reveals Cancer Caused by Lifestyle Choices Including Diet, Exe...

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Beijing Issues Second Red Alert For Smog

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