Friday, April 22, 2016

Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (22.04.2016) 22 апреля 2016 «НТВ»

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Пальмовое масло: акциз вводить не будут, но маркировать обяжут

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Программа "Индустрия кино" от 22 апреля 2016 года

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Востание машины: самая курьезная авария произошла в Ижевске

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Михаил Прохоров продал суперяхту

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Hong Kong's Missing Booksellers - 101 East

Since October last year, five men linked to a Hong Kong bookstore have disappeared one after another.China-born Swedish national Gui Minhai was allegedly taken from Thailand. Lui Por, Cheung Chi Ping and Lam Wing Kee disappeared in mainland China, and British citizen Lee Bo was last seen at his Hong Kong warehouse.The bookstore in question deals in publications critical of Chinese leaders, and before his disappearance, Gui was apparently preparing to publish a new book. Could this be the reason why he went missing? All five men have since resurfaced in mainland China. But how did they get there? Outraged Hong Kongers and the international community are demanding answers.

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Philippine blockade: People struggle with restrictions

A wave of kidnappings in the southern Philippines has prompted both the US and Britain to warn their citizens to stay away. The Malaysian government has imposed a naval blockade it says will prevent further attacks. But for some Philippino families, that blockade is having a devastating effect.

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

World photography awards tackle host of themes

Winners have been announced for the Sony World Photography Awards. It's the world's biggest camera competition open to professionals and amateurs. More than 230-thousand entries were received from 186 countries. And all the winning photos are part of an exhibition that's opening in London.

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Ecuador Earthquake: Thousands of people wait for aid

Survivors of an earthquake that killed close to 600 people in Ecuador are desperate for food, water and medicine. Rescuers are struggling to reach areas cut off following the magnitude 7.8 quake.

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Zambia xenophobia: Foreigners targeted in violence

Zambia is sending home hundreds of refugees after two people died in anti-immigration riots. The violence in Zambia started when foreigners were blamed for a series of ritual killings.

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Obama Urges Britain to Stay in the EU

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'Independence Day' Trailer | GMA Exclusive

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FBI Paid Over $1M to Hack iPhone of San Bernardino Shooter

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PALMIRA, completato lo sminamento dell'area archeologica


Completed the demining of the archaeological area of Palmyra, by the Russian troops. This was reported in the Moscow agency, reporting the words of General Iuri Stavitski video-conference from Syria with Putin in Moscow.

The Kremlin leader has stressed that the Russian military "have done a tremendous job to defuse mines, bombs and other ordnance in the historical part" of Palmyra

INC News, 22/04/2016 - source: ©Euronews