Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Come in occasione di altri terremoti - il primo fu quello di Haiti nel 2010 -, Google partecipa alla ricerca di persone dopo il sisma in Nepal, con la piattaforma Google Finder, per aiutare familiari e amici ad avere notizie dei propri cari.               
Cliccando sul link qui indicato   
si può inserire il nome di una persona ("I'm looking for someone"), o fornire informazioni che già si hanno ("I have information about someone"). Al momento sono già 300 le richieste o segnalazioni.

INC News, 25/04/2015 - via ANSA

Проблемы Европы: Национализм в Венгрии - BBC Russian

The Saturday editorial of INC News


When this morning we received the dispatch from agencies that had occurred a 7.9 degree earthquake in Nepal, my thought was going to Calbuco volcano, in Chile, and how today's science is unable to tell us what about could be our existence.

Mother Earth has given a new strong jolt, as if to make itself understood that we have to stop playing with our destiny. Sure, my words are poetic and dedicated only to emphasize a geological occurrence well known by specialists, those specialists who gave the world the signal "alarm setting", for which the term tolerability of climatic and environmental stability has been anticipated recently on 2050, the year after which each individual will have its own responsibility for what should happen.

We understand very well that humans can not do anything to prevent earthquakes or volcanic eruptions such as at present, but it is natural to observe that life is constant state of degradation  on this planet, once considered the flagship of the Universe.

Perhaps, having better treated before our Mother Earth, these hundreds of deaths from the earthquake and before the thousands of deaths due to Tsunami, would be less and much further in time.

Will never do something really good, the humanity, for the its own future?

Myra Kartbayeva, for INC News - 25/04/2015

Проблемы Европы: Безработица в Греции - BBC Russian

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