Saturday, January 17, 2015

Woman Raped 300 Times While Sleeping | This Morning

Как видео из России стало вирусным в Арабском мире - BBC Russian

Русский ролик на развлекательном канале в YouTube вызвал бурное обсуждение в Арабском интеренете. За неделю он набрал более 2 миллионов просмотров.

What next for Google?

Raw: Long Grocery Lines During Venezuela Crisis

When Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro returns from an urgent fundraising trip that has taken him to seven nations, he'll find his oil-dependent economy teetering on the edge and countrymen searching empty store shelves for basic goods. (Jan. 16)

"Free-Range" Parents Under Investigation for Child Neglect

Chicago River Fills With Ice In Time-Lapse Video

Transgender Parents Who Conceived Two Sons Naturally

Julianne Moore Talks About Alzheimer’s in “Still Alice"

Teen Fugitives: New “Bonnie & Clyde” Couple on the Run