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День Веры, Надежды, Любови и Софии - рекордный по числу молодоженов

Тихвинский завод поможет Америке с вагонами

В Нью-Йорке прошла акция протеста против Порошенко

Эксперт: Объединение усилий в борьбе с ИГ в Сирии — самый разумный шаг

Первые Tesla Model X, наконец, переданы владельцам - economy

Греция: эхо банковских каникул - economy

3 квартал стал худшим для бирж за 4 года - economy

Дефляция в еврозоне в сентябре составила 0,1% - economy

Из шахтеров Донецка в художники Киева - BBC Russian

​Kazakhstan Wants to Move the UN to Asia

Kazakhstan has been on an extended campaign to break into the circles of global power, and while this goal was on display in Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's address at the UN General Assembly debate today, it was wrapped within a rather dull speech that kept back from controversy. Kazakhstan is seeking a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council (you can read an op-ed on the bid from Kazakh Foreign Minister Idrissov here), and Nazarbayev peppered his speech with ideas for what the future of the UN should look like. The last time Nazarbayev addressed the UN was in 2011. In the intervening years, Kazakhstan's foreign ministers have delivered remarks at the general debate.
Nazarbayev got off to an awkward start. Either the Kazakhs had not notified the UN that Nazarbayev would be speaking in Kazakh, there was a technical glitch, or the interpreter was simply not prepared. Either way, Nazarbayev launched into his speech in Kazakh. About a minute into speaking, he was interrupted and asked to take a seat while the confusion was sorted out. After a few minutes, Nazarbayev was invited back to the podium to begin again.
The speech reads in part like an ode to the UN, but also in part as a veiled criticism of the institution and the global order that established it. Nazarbayev remarks both that 70 years have passed since a world war and that for 70 years the world has not found an effective way to resolve military conflict. He notes that the UN was established by 51 states at a time when the majority of the world were colonies. Now there are 193 independent states. Nazarbayev's underlying message was that it's time the UN reflect the world of today, rather that of 70 years ago.
Nazarbayev frames his ideas for the UN in familiar terms — that of a 30-year plan, which conveniently matches up with his ambitions for Kazakhstan to join the top 30 economies by 2050. His five overarching points address economic issues, nuclear weapons, the erosion of international law and weakening of global institutions, terrorism, and lastly, sustainable energy. Surprisingly, perhaps, the final two only merited a single paragraph each, but the first three were elaborated at length.
Read the entire article HERE
Almaty, INC News, 30/09/2015 -  via AK ZHAIK

Дочь Пола Уокера судится с Porsche

Mumbai court condemns five to death for deadly train bombings

Spianata Moschee. Nuovi scontri tra palestinesi e esercito israeliano in...

VW: carmaker to announce action plan

Searching for Nefertiti - British archaeologist is on the trail

This movie's goal is to evoke the feeling of vertigo

Movie 00 upravdom пондготовка к ОЗП в частном секторе 30,09,15

The Stream - On death row: Botched executions

Holograms Protect Handicapped Parking Spaces | ABC News

Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year | ABC News

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Соленые реки Марса: невероятные перспективы Красной планеты для человека

Хранилище судного дня

Песня о Беркуте. Специальный репортаж Александры Коневской

Tesla начинает продажи кроссовера Model X - corporate

Дефляция наступает на еврозону: в Испании - 1,2%, в Германии - 0,2% - ec...

NASA Reveals Details Of Mars Discovery

Swipe | Sewers Keep The Internet Flowing - Plus Broadband Jargon Explained

Tesla, è l'ora del crossover elettrico: arriva la Model X - corporate

Hajj: questions raised over death toll

‘Terugroepactie VW onvermijdelijk’

‘Mansveld moet nederig zijn’

Raw: Afghans Fight To Take Back Kunduz

Corruption cases highlight Brazil's big challenge

Women fight for education in Pakistan's tribal belt

Florida Alligator Attack Victim Recalls Battle for Her Life

Kim Zolciak-Bierman Withdraws From the Ballroom

Сурдоаудармашылар күні

Автокөлікті пайдаланбау күні

Үйіңізде болу керек 10 гүл



Testing Allows Cancer Patients to Skip Chemo

Raw: Wife of Dolphins Player Arrested at Stadium

Analysis: Finding water on Mars

Typhoon Dujuan kills two and injures dozens in Taiwan

Syria war dominates UN summit

Monday, September 28, 2015

Зарплату в 500 долларов получали проститутки в Алматы

Водители алматинского автопарка заявили, что их облагают данью

Il futuro delle PMI, vere potenze economiche d'Europa - real economy

Volkswagen, col riacquisto delle quote finisce la partnership con Suzuki...

Europe's carmakers 'tricking' drivers on fuel efficiency, new report claims

Prairies get the best supermoon view

Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Faces Sentencing

Is the 'Man Bun' Contributing to Baldness?

Rare super moon radiates light over Paris and London

South Sudan: Breaking the rules of war - BBC News

The artist who takes 17 years for a painting - BBC News

'Bigorexia': Muscle dysmorphia 'now affects one in 10 gym-going men' - B...

Family: Meeting Pope 'Like Being with a Friend'

Pope says 'God weeps' for sex abuse of children

Catalonia separatists claim victory in regional polls

Selfies Can Be Harmful

Sunday, September 27, 2015




Oggi sono salito in macchina, una Polo, per andare in città e mi è venuta una riflessione circa la VolksWagen, visto che la stavo guidando. Sono fortunato ad aver comperato la Polo nel 2005, così non ho i problemi degli altri. Ma alla fine mi sono chiesto di quali problemi si stia parlando.  
La mia Polo non ha il problema delle emissioni pericolose bandite dai Governi e quindi non fa parte di quel numero incredibile di vetture che sono state commerciate con una voluta alterazione dei sistemi di controllo elettronico delle emissioni.
Nessuno di coloro che avevano comperato una delle vetture incriminate è colpevole, certo, però viene spontaneo chiedersi un paio di cosette, in merito.
Qui si sta parlando di VW, della casa produttrice più famosa del mondo, quella che vende più macchine di tutte e per di più tedesca, quindi legata al marchio di fabbrica, legata al concetto di chi compra prodotti tedeschi, fino a ieri considerati il top sul mercato.
Come è potuto accadere che una potenza mondiale delle auto come la VW sia caduta in questo pantano? O meglio come mai si sono trovati a dover manipolare un programma elettronico, per poter vendere le auto? Forse tutta la catena di produzione era ferma alle vecchie normative che non prevedevano determinate cose, e quindi il dover riprodurre tutto sarebbe costato un patrimonio? O forse si era visto che manipolando il programma si poteva costruire a meno costo ma allo stesso prezzo di prima?
Certo è che il mondo ora si chiede questo, come me, e se davvero la Germania è la potenza industriale per eccellenza o una truffa legalizzata. Per sicuro il rischio più grosso lo corre la Nazione: il nome Germania come produttore industriale per eccellenza può venire oscurato, benchè le Borse abbiano reagito abbastanza bene, al colpo iniziale. In una epoca come la nostra attuale, dove la tecnologia sta superando ogni limite, pare che l'uomo la manipoli a suo piacimento, e tutto sarebbe bello se il piacimento fosse per un mondo migliore e non per truffare il prossimo.

Mikhail Lermontov, Schiedam, 27/09/2015 for INC NEWS - ©INCNews


Today I got in the car, a Polo, to go into town and I got a reflection about the VolksWagen, given that I was driving. I'm lucky to have bought the Polo in 2005, so I have not the problems of others. But in the end I asked what problems you're talking about. My Polo does not have the problem of hazardous emissions banned by governments and thus is not part of that incredible number of cars that were traded with a deliberate alteration of the electronic control systems of emissions.
None of those who had bought one of the cars indicted is guilty, of course, but it is natural to ask a couple of things, about.
Here we are talking of VW, the world's most famous manufacturer, one that sells more cars for all and moreover German, then linked to the trademark, linked to the concept of those who buy German products, until recently considered the top in the market.
How did it happen that a world power cars like the VW has fallen into this quagmire? Or rather why they have had to manipulate an electronic program, in order to sell cars? Maybe the whole chain of production was still the old regulations did not provide for certain things, and then having to play everything would cost a fortune? Or maybe it was seen that by manipulating the program could be built in less cost and at the same price as before?
What is certain is that the world now asks this, like me, and if indeed Germany is an industrial power par excellence or a legalized scam. For sure the biggest risk it runs the Nation: the name Germany as industrial manufacturer par excellence can be obscured, though the stock markets have reacted quite well on the break. In an era like our present, where technology is exceeding all limits, it seems that the man hand pieces at will, and everything would be fine if it were the wish for a better world and not to cheat others.

Mikhail Lermontov, Schiedam, 27/09/2015 for INC NEWS - ©INCNews

Археологи нашли древнейшую улицу Москвы

Открытие станции "Котельники" позволило втрое снизить поток траспорта к ...

В Москве проходит международный фестивать «Круг света»

Владимир Путин: Россия предлагает США сотрудничество в борьбе с «Исламск...

Black hole 30 times larger than thought possible

Pope Blesses and Hugs Philadelphia Inmates

Pope Talks Social Media, Culture of Loneliness

Raw: Crowds Dance, Cheer For Pope

Global Citizen festival aims to help fight poverty

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"АвтоВести" от 26 сентября 2015 года

Установлена личность подозреваемого, расстрелявшего медиков с Симферополе

Анатомия атома. Начало. Часть 1

Калининградские фермеры сняли рекордный урожай капусты

Минсельхоз выходит на тропу войны с пальмовым маслом



Tra poco più di un mese Expo Milano 2015 chiuderà e passerà il tedoforo delle mostre internazionali ad Astana, per la Expo 2017.
I milioni di visitatori della mostra, assieme all'interesse commerciale di migliaia di aziende, si sposteranno nella nuova capitale del Paese sulla via della seta con differente interesse: in Italia fu alimentazione ed ambiente, in Kazakhstan sarà l'Energia il polo di attrazione. Se in Italia l'ecosistema e la alimentazione stanno dimostrando che si può fare tutto per salvare il nostro Pianeta, in Kazakhstan si dimostrerà che il problema energetico  riveste la stessa identica importanza e che la tecnologia e il sistema industriale devono dare il loro contributo a non distruggere il già debole ecosistema, ma evolvere in nuove risorse che permettano la evoluzione umana non a partire dal fuoco alla bomba atomica, ma dal fuoco alla energia alternativa, che permetta questa continua super veloce evoluzione del genere umano non solo im poche Nazioni, ma ovunque.

Da Paese di poche migliaia di nomadi, a potenza industriale, con il suo ultimo ingresso quest'anno nel WTO, con la sua geniale idea di costituire con Bielorussia, Russia ed altri Paesi asiatici il nuovo contrapposto commerciale degli altri poli come America, Europa, China. Nel 2017 Astana dovrà dimostrare di essere il Kazakhstan una delle migliori potenze energetiche e di ecosostenibilità più attentiva al binomio ambiente-vita umana versus energia-produzione.

Sarà compito dei nuovi giovani managers che sono stati a studiare all'estero, a dimostrare al mondo che la loro Nazione è tornata ad essere "la via della seta", mantenendo le proprie tradizioni guardando alla propria evoluzione, sino ad arrivare ad essere non più l'Eldorado dell'occidente, ma un paese ricco e colto perchè ha imparato dagli errori altrui ad essere migliore, per se stesso e gli altri.

MIRA KARTBAYEVA, for INC News, 26/09/2015 - Almaty ©INCNews


In just over a month Expo Milano 2015 will close and will pass the torch bearer of international exhibitions in Astana, for the Expo 2017.
The millions of visitors to the exhibition, together with the interest of thousands of commercial companies, will move to the new capital of the country on the Silk Road with different interest in Italy was power and environment in Kazakhstan will be the energy the center of attraction.
If in Italy the ecosystem and the power are proving that you can do everything to save our planet, in Kazakhstan it will prove that the energy problem is of exactly the same importance and that the technology and the industrial system must do their part to not destroy the already fragile ecosystem, but evolve into new resources to enable the human evolution away from the fire to the atomic bomb, but by fire to alternative energy, which allows this continuous super fast evolution of mankind not only im many nations, but everywhere.
From country of few thousands of nomads in industrial power, with its latest entry into the WTO this year, with its brilliant idea to set up with Belarus, Russia and other Asian countries an opposition as new commercial of the new centers against supremacy of America, Europe, China. In 2017 Astana will have to prove that Kazakhstan should be one of the best power Nation in energy and sustainability with more attention on environment-human life versus energy-production.

It is the task of the new young managers who were studying abroad, to prove to the world that their country has again become "the Silk Road", maintaining their traditions looking at its evolution, until getting to be no more the Eldorado of the West, but a rich and cultured country because it has learned from the mistakes of others to be better, for himself and others.

MIRA KARTBAYEVA, for INC News, 26/09/2015 - Almaty ©INCNews

Germania: nell'est i rifugiati non ritrovano l'accoglienza ricevuta a Be...

Why is the state dinner with China important?

Pope Francis leaves students with homework

Christian Refugees: 'Please Pray for Us'

Friday, September 25, 2015

Watch this drone flying like a bumble-bee

Папа Римский прибыл в Нью-Йорк

Беженцы ждут помощи от Европы

Германия выделяет дополнительно свыше 4 миллиардов евро на нужды беженцев

Носимые технологии из России: от виртуальной реальности к управлению сно...

Successioni transfrontaliere - utalk

Il Papa a New York salutato da una folla impressionante

Rifugiati: l'Europa, tra sogno e realtà

Simplifying cross-border inheritance - utalk

German states to receive more funds to cope with migrant crisis

Dertiger valt voor 70-jarige| Trailer: The intern

Where will Pope Francis stay in NYC?

Scientists ask to open 'Doomsday Vault'

Russian Czar's remains exhumed

Naghmeh Abedini Recalls Husband's Imprisonment

Saeed Interrogated, Tasered, Threatened with Charges

New Orleans Eatery Celebrates 175th Anniversary

The Stream - Searching for a home in Europe

Dengue fever outbreak hits Malaysia

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Автомобили SEAT были также оборудованы мошенническим ПО Volkswagen - eco...

Крупнейший производитель молока сумел увеличить прибыль - economy

Dopo lo scandalo Volkswagen, a rischio la reputazione delle auto tedesch...

'Wasberen zijn niet te stoppen'

Zo lang is de tong van een giraffe

Vluchtelingen weg door taartenbeurs

Palestinian teen killed

Emerging Market Currencies Continue to Get Slammed

Talking Barbie, Drones Are Kids' New Tech Toys

Spencer Horsman Escape Artist Stunt Goes Wrong | ABC News

Pope Francis Memorializes Abraham Lincoln, MLK

Fotograaf Volkert spreekt

Engste trailer ooit? | Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

r komt een eind aan de Paranormal Activity films. Vanaf 22 oktober is het doodenge slot in de bioscoop te zien. Bekijk hier de trailer.

INC News, 24/09/2015 - Schiedam, via De Telegraaf

Boeing bags bonanza aircraft deal with Beijing

Pope raises hot topics during Washington visit

Can VW recover from its emissions rigging scandal

Al Jazeera journalists freed from Egypt prison

Helpful Tips for Training Your Dogs | ABC News

Amy Schumer Lands a Book Deal | ABC News

911 Calls Reveal Terrifying Moments in Phoenix After Cars Had Been Shot

Pope Francis Shows Personal Touch When He Rides Through D.C.

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Раскопки в Зарядье: найдена Великая улица и Кривой переулок

"Погода 24": первые заморозки и лед на дорогах

15 минут у терапевта и 22 у гинеколога: новые рекомендации Минздрава

Приемный отец-педофил сядет на 16 лет

Двор многоэтажки в Усть-Каменогорске уходит под воду

iPhone 6s и iPhone 6s Plus уже можно купить... в Китае

На воде! - hi-tech

В Москве открыли самую большую мечеть в Европе - BBC Russian

Pope Francis Offers Blessings, Kisses Along Parade Route

Polar dinosaur species discovered in Alaska

#Pizzarat becomes internet sensation

Happy Birthday ruled out of copyright - BBC News

Drone video shows migrants' arrival - BBC News

Pope Frances Heads to White House

Pope Greets Crowd Before White House Visit

Obama Welcomes Pope Francis to White House

Taxi driver charged with murder

Catholic Church in US hopes for papal boost

Pope's Unpredictability Complicates the Security Detail for His U.S. Visit

Paus Franciscus aangekomen in VS

Premier bekogeld met eieren

11 jaar cel na ruzie om Nutella

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Adres geschrapt; al weken geen post

Milwaukee Zoo Welcomes New Baby Giraffe

Mecca project seeks to clear misconceptions about Prophet Mohammed

ЕС: главы МВД попробуют распределить еще 120 тысяч нелегалов

Массовая медитация в Лондоне в Международный день мира

Как далеко зайдет Россия в Сирию?

Forget autographs, Pope Francis likes to trade hats

Stars Gather for Burberry Fashion Show

Drought starves California's giant sequoia trees

Nasty Chinese bug lets hackers into Apple computers

Car maker Volkswagen under fire

The Stream - The weight blame

Index: Apple Pulls More Than 3 Dozen Apps From the iTunes Store

Chilling New Details in Boston 'Baby Doe' Murder Involving the Little Gi...

Mysterious Explosion in Texas Disintegrates a House and Injures 3 People

Monday, September 21, 2015

Как проходил фестиваль национальной кухни "Той Казан-2015"

Ученые с помощью беспилотников построили веревочный мост

Чудеса науки: театр молний «Теслаториум» в Санкт-Петербурге

Инновации: в чем рецепт успеха? - BBC Russian

‘Schilderijen aanwinst voor Amsterdam!’

'Baby Doe' mother speaking to police

Conservative volunteer disagrees with Stephen Harper on niqabs

Giant Pumpkin Breaks North American Record

Baby Doe's Mother Held on $1M Bond

Baby Doe's Godmother, Father Speak Out

Canadians suffer with surge in lyme disease

Pope Meets With Cuban Leaders During Historic Visit

High School Student Charged as Adult in Sexting Case

Apple's Chinese apps fall victim to large-scale cyber attack

Tiger kills zookeeper in New Zealand

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Aboriginal protester accidentally engulfed in flames

Congress Prepares to Welcome Pope Francis

Man Charged in Selma Church Shooting

No rain for six months: El Nino and Indonesia

What is El Nino?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

В Швеции планируют выпустить детский браслет — телефон с GPS-датчиком

В Москве прошел Большой Екатерининский бал

КамАЗ Антона Шибалова побеждает в гонке «Великая степь – Дон»

Kruikenzeikers geëerd met likeur

'Animal plus technology equals human' - BBC News

New York mired in bid to clean up toxic canal

Threats, raids and arrests: Turkey's media clampdown - Listening Post (L...

Francia: un'Arca di Noè contro i cambiamenti climatici

Georgia: condannato alto dirigente dell'opposizione

Turchia: oltre duemila rifugiati bloccati a Edirne, città al confine con...

British author Jackie Collins dies

Pope Francis Travels to Cuba Ahead of US Visit

What Can You Do If an Online Order Doesn't Arrive on Time?

Pennsylvania Woman Rescued From Burning RV

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Русофобия в моде: The Daily Beast пытается повысить свой рейтинг за счет RT

Воронежские спасатели уничтожили 389 снарядов времен ВОВ

Priest discovers 'secret' family connection in ...

Is Pope Francis Dividing American Catholics?

Winnipeg on Mars

iON Camera Targets Women to Compete With GoPro

US Coast Guard Interdicts Drugs Worth Over $11M

EPA: VW Purposely Violated Clean Air Standards

Obama Discusses Criminal Justice Reform

Clear Air Turbulence Rattles Plane

Friday, September 18, 2015

Московские врачи провели уникальную операцию беременной женщине

"Вести.net": защита для "Яндекс. Браузера", дешевый интернет от Yaliny

Последствия землетрясения в Чили с высоты птичьего полета

Дни до Универсиады в Алматы будет отсчитывать специальный таймер

Иран: самолеты - на защиту гепарда

Ученые рассказали о создании спермы человека в пробирке

Евростат опубликовал доклад о мигрантах

Do You Know The Facts About Gonorrhoea?

Refugee path through Slovenia under threat as train traffic cut with Cro...

French scientists reveal details of breakthrough in infertility treatment


High School in Louisville, Kentucky on lockdown after active shooter reports

Police in Louisville, Kentucky are responding to a call of an “active shooter” at Western High School.
Western, and the nearby Waller-Williams Environmental School, have both been placed on lockdown.

No further info

INC News, 18/09/2015 - via Web

Distillery District shootout under investigation

Donald Sutherland weighs in on Canadian election

5 things we learned from MI5 chief - BBC News

Bus Flips Into Pond Near Tampa

Bridal Collections Unveiled at Pakistan Fashion

Osservando questa collezione, viene spontaneo pensare che sotto certi aspetti gli stilisti

di mezzo mondo potrebbero trarre ispirazione per le prossime collezioni, specialmente

per  i colori.

INC News, 18/09/2015 - via Ap

More Communities Becoming 'Dementia Friendly'

Clergy Abuse Victims Skeptical of Pope Visit

101 East - White Gold

Hajj 360 - experience the journey to Mecca in 360 degrees

Indonesia up in smoke