Saturday, February 13, 2016

Бесплатно на Ван Гога - на шпильках и с Серегой

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: Russia 24

Missing man remembers own identity

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©CBC News

Higher internet usage means higher costs

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©CBC News

Next generation of Winter Olympics athletes compete in Norway

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source ©AlJazeera

Telling Syria's story: Media across the battle lines - The Listening Pos...

With the advance of pro-government forces on the Syrian city of Aleppo and a tenuous ceasefire negotiation taking place in Munich, we break format this week with a special edition of The Listening Post.It has been nearly five years since the fighting began and if you follow the Syria coverage you will find yourself entangled in a spider's web of conflicting narratives.Between Syrian state media, myriad opposition outlets, and international media - with a growing vested interest in Syria - getting an accurate picture of the country is near impossible. Helping us to navigate through the complexities of the coverage we talk to Hayvi Bouzo - correspondent at Orient TV; Omar Al Ghazzi - Media Scholar at University of Sheffield; Habib Bhatta, editor at The Beirut Report and journalist Nabih Bulos.Our second report focuses on exiled Syrian journalists who are covering the war from neighbouring Turkey, in southern cities like Gaziantep and Urfa.

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

UpFront - Reality Check: In defence of the UN

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

Страшное ДТП в Мексике: столкнулись 10 машин, погибли 20 человек

В центральной части Мексики на трассе Пуэбла-Орисаба произошла крупная автоавария: жертвами ДТП с участием не менее 10 автомобилей стали 20 человек, еще около 40 получили ранения.

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source:  ©Russia 24

На Филиппинах одновременно поженились 350 пар разных возрастов

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©Telekanal 24KZ

Уникальную коллекцию нарядов готовят к EXPO-2017

INC News, 13/02/2016 - source: ©Telekanal 24KZ