Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (07.06.2016) 07 июня 2016 «НТВ»

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В Москве разыскивают грабителя, жестоко избившего женщину в лифте

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ITALY - Berlusconi hospitalised in Milan after heart trouble

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was admitted to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan on Tuesday morning. According to a spokesperson, he suffered from mild heart trouble and was taken to hospital after medical staff suggested he should be admitted for observation. Berlusconi, who was fitted with a pacemaker at 70, has a history of heart problems, but the spokesperson said his condition is not life-threatening. 

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SPAIN - Ancient mummies give afterlife a break and go under MRI scan for science

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NEDERLANDS - Het belangrijkste nieuws van 7 juni in één minuut

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Казахстанцы о теракте в Актобе: Виновные должны быть наказаны

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Казахстанцы собрали 59 млн тенге для лечения онкобольных детей

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HEALTH and CRIME - Suspected kidney trafficking at New Delhi hospital

Police arrested at least five people in connection to an alleged kidney trafficking racket, some associated with one of India's top hospitals. 

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TECHNOLOGY - Samsung to introduce bendable phones in 2017

Two models of flexible phones may hit the market next year. Samsung has been promising this tech for a while now. Will we actually see it anytime soon?

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CANADA - High food prices scaring away consumers

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SOCIAL MEDIA - Protecting your password

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AMERICA - Baby Kidnapped From Mall [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

The suspect is seen following the mother to the food court and taking the infant when the mother isn't looking.

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GOSSIP - Princess Diana's Former Royal Chef Opens Up [EXCLUSIVE]

Darren McGrady takes us inside the life of the beloved royal and reveals what Diana was like in the kitchen.

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USA ELECTION - New Jersey's mixed feelings about Trump

Six US states will be voting in primaries on Tuesday as Donald Trump is tipped to win the Republican nomination. 
One of those states is New Jersey, where the billionaire has extensive business links having owned and operated a number of casinos in the state's gambling capital, Atlantic City. 
But, his companies also went into bankruptcy four times, costing jobs.

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EURO 2016 - Ukraine detains Frenchman over 'Euro 2016 attack plot'

Ukraine's intelligence service says it has detained a man who had been planning attacks during the Euro 2016 football championships in France. French security services are on high alert ahead of the tournament that starts on Friday.

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SPORT - Muhammad Ali Funeral Details Released

The memorial planned by Ali years before his death includes a procession through his hometown and a massive public memorial.

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AMERICAN VOTATION - Hillary Clinton Poised to Clinch Democratic Nomination

The former secretary of state is expected to become the first woman to be a major party's presidential nominee as the primary season winds down on Tuesday

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MISS USA - Deshauna Barber | From US Army Reserves to Miss USA

Deshauna Barber, 26, traded her uniform for an evening gown to be crowned Miss USA 2016.

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AMERICAN VOTATION - Donald Trump on the Defense After Statements About Mexican-American Judge

Some of Trump's biggest supporters are saying his statements are out of line, including Newt Gingrich, who said it was "inexcusable."

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