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Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (26.04.2016) 26 апреля 2016 «НТВ»

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Видео с регистраторов признали доказательством в суде

Новость, важная для всех автомобилистов, а, возможно, и пешеходов. Президент подписал закон, который обязывает суды при рассмотрении административных дел учитывать в качестве доказательств записи видеорегистраторов. Раньше судьи сами решали, принимать такие записи во внимание или нет

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250-тонный корабль провезли по улицам Уральска

26 апреля в 8 часов утра рабочие " Уральского завода Зенит" привезли 250-тонный корабль на спусковую площадку. 250-тонный корабль спустят на воду 29 апреля в 10 утра. Строительство корабля было начато в 2014 году. Судно было построено по заказу пограничной службы комитета национальной безопасности Республики Казахстан.

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Voorbereiding vrijmarkt Utrecht: nog plek zat - RTL NIEUWS

Normaal zou het vandaag in Utrecht al behoorlijk druk zijn met mensen die een plekje op straat bezet houden voor de vrijmarkt. Maar ook hier zit het weer niet mee. Er is nog plek genoeg.

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Все против одного: участники предвыборной гонки в США объявили войну Дон...

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Спустя 30 лет после аварии на ЧАЭС жители Северной Украины по-прежнему п...

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Турецкий суд оправдал подозреваемых в работорговле еще до рассмотрения д...

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Riot, fire & teargas at Greek refugee camp after police reportedly hit c...

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Living in the shadow of Chernobyl: Kids & adults still dwelling in conta...

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ISIS slave trade suspects acquitted by Turkish court ‘lacking evidence’

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The CDC Says Ads Are Encouraging Teens To Smoke E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette use among teens has risen dramatically in the past four years, and one study says e-cigarette ads could be to blame. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports teens who frequently see the ads are three times more likely to have used e-cigarettes. More than 18 million youths were exposed to such ads in 2014. 
A separate CDC report said last year, 16 percent of high school students said they'd used e-cigarettes within the previous 30 days — a huge jump from 1.5 percent in 2011. It's almost double the number of estimated cigarette users. Middle-school users were at about 5 percent.  Legally, you have to be 18 or 19 years old to purchase e-cigarettes, but yet another study found it was easy for younger teens to buy them online with no age verification. 
Overall smoking rates have stayed largely the same over the past four years. While e-cigarette and hookah use have risen, cigarette smoking has fallen among teens. This drop in cigarette use may stem from the CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign, which began in 2012. The effort led to an increase in quit attempts. 
Health officials are worried the progress will be reversed because of e-cigarette ads and because teens lack knowledge of what e-cigarettes actually contain. Nicotine and other chemicals are very much active in the products, so addiction is still possible. 

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Babies Who've Got Rhythm Might Have An Easier Time Learning Languages

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Баннер ко Дню Победы оскорбил семейских фронтовиков

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Назарбаев поручил наказать авторов слухов о продаже казахстанской земли ...

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'Facebook-verbod is belachelijk'

Young people under 16 who want Facebooking or instagramming have that need in a while consent of their parents. This is a European law that takes effect in 2018.

INC News, 26/04/2016 - source: ©DeTelegraaf

Bangladesh murders

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CANADA - Accutane warning

Doctors stress that a powerful drug prescribed to fight acne needs to be taken under strict guidelines to prevent serious harm to a fetus, as a new study commissioned by Health Canada points to many failures in preventing pregnancy.  Isotretinoin was commonly sold as Accutane when it entered the market in Canada in 1983 to treat severe acne, which can cause scarring such as pockmarks. The medication is now available as Accutane Roche and in several generic forms. It's also prescribed for more moderate cases.
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UKRAINE - The tourists visiting Chernobyl - BBC News

In Ukraine 30 years after the nuclear accident, the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant has become a tourist attraction. 
Despite the radiation being higher than normal, thousands of tourists take the trip every year.
Nature has reclaimed its rights over the area, wild horses roam in nearby fields and there are quite a few fishes in the old cooling basin.

INC News, 26/04/2016 - source: ©BBC News

CHERNOBYL - What happened 30 years ago? BBC News

It has been 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster - the worst nuclear catastrophe in human history. 
Back in 1986, Yuriy Andreyev worked at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and was one of the engineers who helped contain the fallout of the accident. 

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AMERICA - Church Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out

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AMERICA - Plane Crashes Into Florida Home

Three passengers were injured in the crash in this new air accident occurred in Florida.

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AMERICA - Lost Boat of Missing Florida Teens Found 8 Months Later

An iPhone was found in the boat, which may hold clues to the whereabouts of the missing teenagers.

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AMERICA - Prince's Death | New Clues Provide Details

The music legend thanked his doctor on stage during his final performance in his home, according to several people in attendance.

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AMERICA - Puppy Born With No Feet Gets Custom Booties

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah provided new booties to give puppy Justin a leg up in life. 

INC News, 26/04/2016 - source: ©AbcNews