Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Something funny, finally! - England: ‘TV reporter’ flies into rage, delivers 'f***ing news' uncensored

Speaking your mind on air can be dangerous. But one news reporter appeared to get so fed up with the official stance of the news media that he completely flew off the handle and delivered the “f***ing news” raw and uncensored. His alternative report went viral, with fans asking for more.
(Warning: The video contains strong language)
The video first shows the apparent TV reporter, captioned as “Jonathan Pie,” getting angry after producers tell him to keep delivering the news standing in front of the Palace of Westminster, while it's getting cold and rainy in London. When the man, looking visibly tired and exhausted, wonders whether he could possibly make a similar report from the studio, he is told to do the “f***ing news” without asking silly questions.

INC News, Schiedam, 11/10/2015 - via RT