Saturday, June 6, 2015

Вести в субботу с Сергеем Брилевым от 06.06.15

RT взял интервью у отца студентки МГУ, предположительно завербованной ИГ

Man mysteriously dies in police custody

Nigeria's crippled mental health care

Erdogan, elections and the future of Turkish journalism - The Listening ...

New shape-changing frog species named 'Pristimantis Mutabilis'

Elezioni in Turchia: Erdogan alla prova di variabili e imprevisti

Fans converge on Berlin for Champions League Final

Reynders urges more pooling of intelligence against terrorism

ISIS releases new video in English

India bans Nestle's Maggi noodles after detecting lead

Reports: ISIS Jihadist Converts to Christ after Dream

Phantom real estate bids targeted

Three Manitoba bears attempt grand theft auto in Peguis First Nation

Exclusive: Angela Merkel interview

"People don't believe I am Japanese" says Miss Japan - BBC News

US students head to Germany for free degrees - BBC News

India: Maggi noodles withdrawal leads to anger - BBC News

USS Arizona Memorial Reopens After Dock Repaired

Woman Says Hastert Sexually Abused Her Brother

Robots Compete in Calif. Disaster Simulation

American Pharoah Preps For Run at History

Raw: Tornadoes Damage Homes in Colorado

Worker Praised for Feeding Disabled Customer

Malaysia hosts Bollywood film awards

Former Iraqi deputy PM Tariq Aziz dies in prison

British Police Hire YouTube Star to Prevent Youth Radicalization