Sunday, May 29, 2016

Программа Акценты Недели (29.05.2016) 29 мая 2016 «НТВ»

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KAZAKHSTAN - Мясо в вакуумной упаковке начали впервые выпускать в ВКО

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GERMNAY - Hannover airport closes to excavate for possible WWII bombs

Hannover Airport closed its doors at 09:00 local time (07:00 GMT) on Sunday, as experts searched for possible Second World War bombs that may be situated nearby.

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NEDERLANDS - World's first underwater musical band performs

An entire show is being performed underwater at the Operadagen festival in Rotterdam. The band ‘Between Music’ used specially designed instruments and a vocal technique created to allow underwater singing.

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DOCUMENTARY - Fallen angels - True cost of sex tourism: Philippines' fatherless kids

RT Doc visits Angeles City in the Philippines, an infamous and popular sex tourism destination. The city is home to many children conceived by foreign holidaymakers who took what they wanted and left offspring in their wake.

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STORY of WOMEN - The Irish women who fought to legalise contraception

In May 1971, a group of Irish feminists staged a protest to legalise contraception. They travelled from the Republic of Ireland by train over the border to Belfast in Northern Ireland, where it was legal. 
There they bought whatever contraceptives they could get over the counter. When challenged by border guards on their return to Dublin, they refused to hand over their contraband and were cheered by crowds. Nell McCafferty led the protest and spoke to Witness about the struggle to win the right to family planning in Ireland.
Witness: The stories of our times told by the people who were there.

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SOCIALS - Facebook's liberal bias: the truth about your newsfeed - Listening Post

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JOURNALISM - Blind journalist gives Palestine's forgotten a voice

In a city riddled with complex stories and even more complicated politics, one blind Palestinian journalist is on a quest to hear and write about the voices she says are too often overlooked. 

INC News, 29/05/2016 - source: ©AlJaZeera

MUSIC - Boy Singing 'This Little Light of Mine' Becomes a Viral Sensation

Caleb Seranno's rendition of "This Little Light of Mine" gets more than 3 million views online.

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AMERICA - Hiker Survives Terrifying Fall Down a Waterfall

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FAST NEWS FROM ABC - Mother Loses Life After Fire Ant Attack

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TEXAS (USA) - Dangerous Weather Wreaks Havoc on the Holiday Weekend

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