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Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (02.06.2016) 02 июня 2016 «НТВ»

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Вячеслав Ким: The Spirit of Tengri стал известен далеко за пределами страны

Четвертый фестиваль современной этнической музыки The Spirit of Tengri пройдет в Алматы 4 и 5 июня. В нем примут участие 13 коллективов из 9 стран.

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ITALY - Police clash with leftists protesting Salvini's visit to Bologna

Heavy clashes broke out between police and left-wing activists as police tried to disrupt a demonstration protesting against the visit of far-right politician Matteo Salvini to Bologna, Thursday.

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Russia: International skydiving competition kicks off in Ingushetia

An international skydiving competition kicked off in the outskirts of Nazran in Russia's southern Republic of Ingushetia, Thursday. The objective of the skydiving competition was to land accurately at a certain designated spot, with the level of accuracy determining a competitor's success.

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В Москву на лечение привезли оставшуюся без ног сирийскую девочку

Российские военные доставили в Москву на лечение 10-летнюю жительницу сирийского Алеппо Сидру Заарур, пострадавшую в результате обстрела жилых районов города.

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Engineering challenge: Hoist operation of world's longest cross-sea bridge.

10-hours long hoist operation for 105-meter “Dolphin Tower” is unprecedented in the history of bridges. It’s the last stayed-cable tower on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world's longest cross-sea bridge.

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Top 5 Amazing 3d Pens You Need To SEE

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FUTURISM - Microsoft wants to own the next reality

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TECHNOLOGY - "The world's smallest all-in-one printer" costs $70

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TECHNOLOGY - 5 easy fixes for fraying cables

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PEOPLE and SICKNESS - Family captures the reality of dementia on camera

Fifty-five-year-old Chris Roberts has been living with dementia for five years. For the past 18 months, Chris, his wife Jayne and daughter Kate have recorded their lives using video diaries and CCTV to show how the family has come to terms with Chris's Alzheimer's diagnosis. 

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WOMEN LIFE - More Women Seeking Alternatives to Pads, Tampons

About 70 years after the invention of disposable tampons and sanitary pads, some women, primarily millennials, are choosing environmentally friendly forms of feminine products.

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AMERICA - Spike Lee Promotes Gun Safety During NY Ceremony

Filmmaker Spike Lee threw a ceremonial light switch to turn the Empire State Building orange in support of gun violence prevention month. The iconic New York building was lit orange at sunset on Wednesday, visible from miles around.

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BRAZIL - Brazilian women protest ‘culture of rape’

Protests continue across Brazil after the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl.
Demonstrators say there is a 'culture of rape' in the country and are demanding better protection for women.

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RIGHT-to-DIE - The Stream - Canada’s 'right-to-die' debate

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FRANCE - Strike stops trains in escalating labour dispute

The travel disruption goes on in France as workers strike in protest at new labour laws.Railway staff have now downed tools, and they'll be followed by metro, port and dock workers on Thursday.Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull reports from Paris.

INC News, 02/06/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

JAPAN - Delays sales-tax hike to boost economy

Japanese people are being encouraged to spend their yen now to try and boost the world’s third-largest economy.
They were expecting to pay more for everything they buy when the government imposed a higher sales tax, set to start next April. That’s now been put on hold, at least for the next two and half years, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says.

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NEW TECHNOLOGIES - Virtual reality and home-help robots grab attention at Computex 2016

Taiwan is hosting Asia's biggest technology exhibition, Computex 2016, showcasing everything from virtual reality to home-help robots.

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ECOMMERCE - How This N.Y. Company Is Changing the E-Commerce Game

Inside the warehouse of Pharmapacks, a company that took on Amazon and eBay by constantly changing prices to get consumers better deals.

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SOCIALS - Mommy Blogger Says Blog Consumed Her Life

Josi Denise received backlash after she quit her blog, "The American Mama," in a scathing final post about mommy blogging culture.

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