Thursday, October 1, 2015

Интернет запутал сам себя: по ситуации в Сирии полно фейков

В Краснодаре начали отбирать права у выпускников незаконных автошкол

Скоростные поезда "Ласточка" запущены по маршруту Москва – Крюково – Тверь

Kazakh pop star Diana Sharapova released music video about Aral Sea tragedy

Kazakhstani singer Diana Sharapova released a music video about the Aral Sea problem. The song "Swans Leaving Aral" was written by famous Kazakh composer Seidolla Baiterekov. This is a story about the swans flying above the sands in search for the sea. They do not recognize their home: kilometers of deserts around and not a scintilla of the sea water. As per the plot, the singer surveys the bottom of the shrunk Aral. She sees alkali soils, sand dunes, ghost ships, lonely barges, caravans of camels and the port of Aralsk town with its famous cranes. Diana walks around Kokaral Island and reaches at last the Kokaral Dam which revives currently the North Aral Sea filling it with Syrdarya river water.
According to the singer, a week spent in Aral region made her and the whole team realize the scale of the man-made ecological disaster. Nevertheless, the video ends optimistically showing children playing on the coast washed by the waves of the sea..
"We didn't want to show only the negative side of this problem. As you may know, Kazakhstani authorities together with the World Bank spend enormous funds to save the Aral Sea and improve the region's life. In 2005 the Kokaral Dam was built. Due to it the borders of the sea enlarged and its distance from Aralsk reduced 18 km," producer of the video Roman Mironov told Kazinform.
Sharapova is not the only pop star raising the tragedy of the Aral Sea in her song. Legendary Pink Floyd presented its music video on shrinking Aral with a song "Louder Than Words." One more Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio wrote in his Twitter account about the Aral Sea problem and posted a photo of the debris of the ship in the heart of desert.
INC News, Almaty, 02/10/2015 - via AK ZHAIK

Россияне в числе 200 парашютистов установили в США мировой рекорд

202 парашютиста из 24 стран, в их числе и российские экстремалы, установили рекорд мира, сформировав во время прыжка гигантскую акробатическую фигуру. Прыжок выполнили из девяти самолетов на высоте свыше двух километров на полигоне для скайдайверов Скайдайв Перрис в американском штате Калифорния. 

INC News, Almaty, 02/10/2015 - via RT

Деловая активность в Китае снова снизилась - economy

Российские авиаудары в Сирии: оппозиция говорит о жертвах

США: в Оклахоме казнь отменили в последнюю минуту

Мексика выдала США особо опасных наркобаронов

Portogallo al voto: centrodestra avanti, ma vince l'astensione

Russian war planes claim ISIL targets in Syria

Mexico extradites 13 drug cartel suspects to US

Politie in de fout?

Albert Verlinde opent kerstseizoen

Facebook vs Snapchat

Female wrestler breaks down barriers

U.S.: Russian airstrikes targeting rebels, not ISIS

This Chinese Rehab Is Changing Addicts' Destiny

China beats Japan to build Indonesia high-speed rail

China's Xinjiang marks key anniversary


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