Monday, June 20, 2016

ITALY - The birth and growth of Italy's Five Star Movement

The Five Star Movement was launched seven years ago and founded as a protest party by the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo. The aim was to end the traditional political class in the country. It is now on its way to becoming the second force in parliament. As a campaigner he railed against the system and electrified the crowds."Me, I don't want any barriers, they have been put in place here to protect you from me, because the barrier is the symbol of Italy these days. 

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MEXICO - At least six die and scores are injured in Mexico teacher protests

At least six people have been killed and 100 injured in southern Mexico during clashes between members of a teachers' trade union and police.The violence erupted as hundreds of riot police moved in to dislodge protesters blocking a highway in the southern state of Oaxaca.Tear gas was fired at the crowd. *The numbers so far*

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IRAN - Tehran says it has foiled a huge ISIL bombing campaign

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ITALY - 5-star women: the new female mayors of Rome and Turin

Meet the new face of Rome: 37-year-old Virginia Raggi, the Italian capital's first female mayor.
A breakthrough for 5-Star anti-establishment movement, Raggi's victory a blow Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his Democratic Party (PD). Raggi, who won 67 percent of the vote in the run-off ballot, has hailed the start of a "new era." "We will work to restore legality and transparency inside the institutions after 20 years of bad politics and 'Mafia Capitale'," she said.

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ROMANIA - See Nicolae Ceausescu's gold bathroom

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BREXIT - The view from Moscow

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin last met in 2014. They are not very close neither in terms of ideas or interests. The British premier is often seen by Moscow as the closest ally of Washington within the European Union and at a great distance from the ideological interests and positions which Russia takes.

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RUSSIA - At least 13 children die in summer boat trip

In Russia, at least thirteen children have died after boats capsized in stormy weather on a lake in the northwest of the country.Five people have been arrested and an investigation launched amid allegations the children were not wearing life jackets. Questions are also being asked into how the children were allowed to go on lake Syamozero, a popular tourist destination, despite several warnings of bad weather. 

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HEALTH - Women with mesh implants report chronic infections

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UNITED KINGDOM - Rachel Reeves: "Jo wanted to make the world more fairer, more equal"

Rachel Reeves and Stephen Kinnock paid tribute to Jo Cox, the MP who was killed in her constituency. Members of Parliament spoke in the House of Commons about her contribution to politics and remembered her life.

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Алматыда пілдерді қорғау күнінде жеміс-жидектерден торт әзірленді

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7 балалы жесір әйелдің мұңы

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В Астане стартовал международный театральный фестиваль «Сахнадан сәлем!»

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Римнің алғашқы әйел мэрі сайланды

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HEALTH - As Zika Looms, Health Officials Eye Neighbors

The federal government has been urging local health officials to review local nuisance ordinances to prepare for Zika in the U.S. Health officials in the Houston area have had mixed results trying to clear up dumping grounds and standing water. 

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LGBT - Activists, Police Scuffle in Istanbul

Turkish police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators who gathered for a gay pride rally in Istanbul despite a government ban. Dozens of LGBT demonstrators gathered Sunday around Istiklal Street, some brandishing rainbow flags.

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International Yoga Day to Be Celebrated Tuesday

Thousands of New Delhi residents are gearing up for the second International Yoga Day to be celebrated on June 21.

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WOMEN - Taiwan's female troops ready to take on China

Women make up ten percent of the Taiwanese armed forces. Their commander in chief is also the island’s first woman president, Si-Ing Wuhn, who was sworn in last month. 

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MEDIA - Chelsea Clinton Baby Photos

Chelsea Clinton , the former first daughter, shared a photo on Twitter Sunday.

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ORLANDO TRAGEDY - Veglia a Orlando a una settimana dalla strage del Pulse

A una settimana dalla strage di Orlando, in Florida, centinaia di persone rendono omaggio alle vittime del Pulse, il club gay in cui hanno trovato la morte 49 persone.

Un omaggio reso mentre Loretta Lynch, Ministro della Giustizia americano, annuncia che saranno presto rese pubbliche parte delle telefonate che il killer Omar Mateen ha effettuato durante l'attentato. "L'obiettivo è rendere note le informazioni affinchè la gente possa capire" ha detto Lynch.

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AFGHANISTAN - Attentato a Kabul contro bus dipendenti governo

In Afghanistan un'esplosione ha colpito un minibus su cui viaggiavano diversi dipendenti del governo nella capitale Kabul. L'attentato, rivendicato dai taleban come rappresaglia per l'esecuzione di 6 prigionieri, è avvenuto nell'area di Banae. La deflagrazione ha fatto un numero imprecisato di vittime secondo fonti della polizia locale. Il mese scorso un attentato suicida aveva colpito un veicolo su cui viaggiava lo staff del Ministero della Giustizia.

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COMUNALI ITALIA - Raggi stravince a Roma, al M5S anche Torino

Questi i primi risultati delle Comunali nelle città al ballottaggio in Italia secondo le proiezioni con oltre il 20% dei voti scrutinati: a Roma stravince Virginia Raggi del Movimento a Cinque Stelle con il 67,5% contro Roberto Giachetti fermo al 32,5%. Il candidato del Pd ha subito preso la parola per congratularsi con la quella che diventa la prima donna sindaco della capitale.

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SPACE - Blue Origin atterra senza danni, ulteriore passo verso turismo 'spaziale'

Blue Origin di Jeff Bezos ha completato con successo il suo quarto volo di prova. Il velivolo senza pilota è atterrato dopo aver percorso cento chilometri verso lo spazio.

Il mezzo spaziale è composto da due parti: un lanciatore e una capsula destinata agli astronauti che si sono staccati in discesa e sono atterrati senza danni.

Blue Origin rallenta fino a 5 chilometri orari prima di toccare terra grazie al funzionamento inverso dei suoi motori.

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