Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ebola Crisis: Inside London Isolation Unit

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Facebook's autoplay video feature is destroying cell phone bills

Facebook could be a book of face?

Want to save money on your phone bill? Make sure you turn off the "autoplay" setting on Facebook videos. Smartphone users are at risk of maxing out their data plans if they don't change this default setting in the Facebook (FB, Tech30) app, which otherwise will automatically start streaming videos in the News Feed window. The issue was flagged by consumer finance site, which said it had "seen many complaints from people who have been stung with data bills after exceeding their monthly allowance and who believe it to be because of Facebook autoplaying videos."

Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News


Police have launched a murder investigation after the body of a woman was found in a field in the New Forest. Hampshire Constabulary's Major Investigation Team (HMIT) said police were called to the field on Lyndhurst Road in the village of Beaulieu shortly at 4.42pm on Tuesday after the body was discovered. It is thought the woman was tending to her horse prior to her death.
Detective Superintendent Paul Barton, who is leading the investigation said: "We are treating the discovery of a woman's body in Beaulieu as murder.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Horizon: The defenders of anonymity on the internet- A very interesting article to read and think
You may not realise it, but every time you open up your laptop or switch on your phone, you are at the heart of one of the greatest battles now taking place in our midst - what shape will the internet take in the future, and what role will anonymity play in deciding it?Last year, the revelations of US security contractor Edward Snowden, suggested for the first time the extent to which governments were collecting and analysing our communications over the internet. But what Horizon reveals is that scientists are growing increasingly concerned about the way such information could be used to predict our behaviour and from that, be used as a form of control.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Study Finds Russian Women Spend Most Time in Front of Mirror

Russian women and the Mirror
Russian women place first in the world in terms of how much time they spend in front of a mirror, a study conducted by U.S. company Harris Interactive revealed.
Fifty-seven percent of Russian women between the ages of 18 and 49 spend at least 45 minutes getting ready before leaving the house, according to the study, published in the Copenhagen-based newspaper MetroExpress.
Dutch women came in second place, with 49 percent of them spending the same amount of time getting dolled up.
British women came in third, with 44 percent; Polish women took fourth place, with 32 percent; and Germans placed fifth, with 26 percent.
Spanish, Italian, Turkish and French women were found by the study to spend the least amount of time staring at their own reflections. The study was conducted over the Internet among 4,069 women.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Warning over electrical brain stimulation
Given the option, would you want to think faster and have sharper attention? Research suggests that electrical brain stimulation kits could have just those effects. But now some companies are selling such devices online, leading to calls to regulate the technology. It may sound too good to be true but scientists say the technology is promising. Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS), which passes small electrical currents directly on to the scalp, stimulates the nerve cells in the brain (neurons). It's non-invasive, extremely mild and the US military even uses TDCS in an attempt to improve the performance of its drone pilots.
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Red colour
 We can never know what was going through our ancestors’ minds, tens of thousands of years ago, when they first picked up natural crayons and began painting their bodies. But it is perhaps significant that they chose a rich, red ochre – the colour of our blood and a vivid reminder of life, and death.  Today, shades of scarlet are linked with power, aggression, and sex – from the vermilion of the British Queen’s royal regalia to the gaudy neon of Amsterdam’s red–light district. And those associations may not be coincidence. A new branch of science called “colour psychology” has found that red can have a profound influence on our mood, perceptions and actions. Wearing red can even change your physiology and balance of hormones and alter your performance in a football match. So what is it about the shades of ruby, crimson, and scarlet that makes them so potent?
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Ashya King's parents reunited with son at Malaga hospital

Ashya King's parents have been reunited with their son at the Spanish hospital where he is being treated. Brett and Naghemeh King were detained in Spain after taking five-year-old Ashya, who has a brain tumour, from Southampton General Hospital against medical advice. The couple were released from Madrid's Soto Del Real prison yesterday. Family members at the hospital confirmed to the BBC that the Kings were with their son. A spokeswoman for Malaga Hospital said Ashya is in a stable condition.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

'Pedophile Hunter' Opera Composer Attacked

Pedophile opera
The premiere of a new opera was canceled in St. Petersburg after both the refusal of yet another venue to hold it and an assault on the opera's composer. Called "New Jerusalem," the opera composed by award-winning local composer Ilya Demutsky with librettist Artyom Suslov will not premiere in the city due to the worsening political and cultural climate, Demutsky said in an interview. With its main character a hunter for pedophiles, the opera's premiere had already been canceled by the Lendoc studios, where it was originally scheduled to be held on April 4 and 5, following reported calls from the police and authorities to the venue's management. However, a recent physical attack on Demutsky himself came as a total surprise, he said.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Russian Celeb's Bentley Destroyed in 'Concrete Bucket Challenge'

Russian Bentley
A luxury Bentley car belonging to a Russian celeb has been completely covered in concrete in what its owner described as the world's first Concrete Bucket Challenge. The British-made vehicle, which was parked outside a residential complex in central Moscow, was splattered when a cement hose went awry on a nearby construction site, pro-Kremlin tabloid Life News reported Wednesday. The car's owner, Artur Shachnev, is the CEO of a successful production company and husband to Russian pop singer Sati Kazanov.
Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News

Outlook si prepara ad affrotare Google Work

Google versus Microsoft
Google sfida Microsoft sul posto di lavoro. E presenta "Google for Work", con il quale punta a strappare quote di mercato a Outlook e Office. "Da oggi ciò che prima chiamavamo Google Enterprise diventa, più semplicemente, Google for Work. Quando usiamo strumenti che ci rendono la vita più semplice - come Apps, Maps, Search, Chrome, Android, Cloud Platform e molto altro - il lavoro migliora. Ed è proprio quello a cui stiamo lavorando, il meglio di Google, ora for work", dice Schmidt.

Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Femmine nell'isola di Lesbo

Donne, tutte a Lesbo
L'isola greca di Lesbo accoglierà da sabato prossimo e per due settimane oltre un migliaio di lesbiche provenienti da tutto il mondo per l'annuale edizione del Festival Internazionale di Eressos.L'evento è nato 14 anni fa per celebrare la storia, le conquiste e la diversità delle donne.L'isola iniziò ad attrarre turiste lesbiche dagli anni '70 per la connessione dell'isola con la poetessa Saffo che qui nacque e visse nel VII secolo e che fu la prima al mondo a cantare il proprio amore per le donne.

Rotterdam, 03/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)