Thursday, November 19, 2015

Бельгия: в рамках расследования терактов в Париже арестованы девять человек

Бельгия усиливает меры безопасности

ИГИЛ угрожает терактами Нью-Йорку

Беспорядки у здания парламента в Приштине

Шығыс биінің пайдасы

Өкпе қабынуының алдын алу

Қыстық бас киімдер

Chi era Hasna Ait Boulahcen, prima donna-kamikaze europea

Allarme cambiamenti climatici: sempre meno neve e più caldo, riserve di ...

Many victims in suicide bomb blasts in Nigeria

Jewish teacher is stabbed in Marseille by ISIL supporters

Un télescope à l'échelle de la planète - science

Risque terroriste : les investisseurs jouent la prudence - economy

'Hayek kiest voor kanariegeel'

Zo verdien je geld met breien

‘Belastingmeevaller weer inleveren’

She was kidnapped and buried alive

Couple shares their story of escaping Bataclan

Fmr. Al Qaeda Jihadist Turned CIA Spy Talks Islamic Terror

Justin mobbed by screaming fans

Obama offers advice to Justin Trudeau

Winter driving tips for teens

Париж: что полиция знает о нападавших? - BBC Russian

В чем суть чрезвычайного положения во Франции? - BBC Russian

Диспансеризация планеты невозможна без спутников - space

London exhibition sheds light on Antarctic expedition 100 years ago

An exhibition is shedding new light on the Antarctic expedition by British explorer Ernest Shackleton a hundred years ago.His ship was trapped in ice for months before he led his men to safety.Al Jazeera's Jessica Baldwin reports from London.

INC News, 19/11/2015 via AL JAZEERA

Soviet-era radioactive waste haunts Kyrgyzstan

One of the legacies of the Soviet era has been the abandonment of radioactive waste in countries that were once part of the USSR.In Kyrgyzstan, 92 nuclear dump sites are threatening not only people, but also the environment.Al Jazeera's Robin Forestier-Walker reports from the town of Mailuu Suu, where the government says it urgently needs millions of dollars to clean up the problem.

INC News, 19/11/2015 - via AL JAZEERA

Southeast Asian nations join forces to combat drug trafficking