Saturday, April 2, 2016

Программа Центральное телевидение (02.04.2016) 02 апреля 2016 НТВ

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8 days lost on the tundra

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Как выглядят "фермы-небоскребы" будущего

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Obama: Trump's Comments Show Ignorance of World

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Small Businesses React to Calif. Wage Increase

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Headliner: Ex-CIA director Michael Hayden on torture and drones - UpFront

Where does the US draw the line on what some consider torture? 
When the executive summary of a 6,700-page US Senate Intelligence report on CIA interrogation techniques was released last year, many in the US and around the world expressed outrage. 
The 500-page summary highlighted how CIA interrogation practices under the George W. Bush administration were “brutal and far worse than the CIA represented to policymakers and others”. Now, as federal judges decide whether to declassify the full report, did the CIA break the law in terms of torture? 
In this week’s Headliner, Mehdi Hasan speaks to General Michael Hayden, former CIA director and author of Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror. Hayden discusses the CIA’s use of “aggressive” interrogation methods and defends the US drone program. 

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Syria's war: Russians offer to rebuild Palmyra

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New tax hike plan worries Japanese businesses

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Cats Following Religious Procession Goes Viral

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Boat Crashes into San Diego Dock [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

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Police Officer Shoots Undercover Cop [CAUGHT ON TAPE]

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'BriaAndChrissy' | YouTube Star on Revenge Porn Legal Battle

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Police Suspect Man's Wife Didn't Commit Suicide, But Was Murdered: Part 2

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Man Calls Police Claiming Wife Shot Herself in the Head: Part 1

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