Tuesday, October 27, 2015

КУӘГЕР 26.10.15

Un avión de BA parte el tren de aterrizaje con 100 personas a bordo al t...

¿Influirá en su dieta saber que comer carne procesada es cancerígeno?

Chinese workforce shrinks, robots fill factories

Schoolgirls die in stampede during earthquake evacuation

The heirs to 'El Chapo's' drug empire?

Baby giraffe at the Calgary Zoo

Should you stop eating meat?

Over 260 Dead in Massive Asian Earthquake

Fisherman Rescues Canada Whale Boat Victims

How a false rape allegation sparked ethnic violence in Myanmar

WHO links processed meat consumption to cancer

Boozy Comet Lovejoy | ABC News

Alarming New Warning About Some of Our Favorite Meats


INC News, 27/10/2015 - via ABC News