Thursday, September 3, 2015

Коллапс в Шереметьеве: "зависли" сотни тонн товаров, паспорта, животные ...

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Tx Sheriff: 'No conclusion' in fatal shooting

Tx Sheriff: 'No conclusion' in fatal shooting

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Selfie Madness: Too Many Russians Dying to Get the Picture - A comment from us

The rise of selfie photography in some of the world's most beautiful, and dangerous, places is sparking a range of interventions aimed at combating risk-taking that has resulted in a string of gruesome deaths worldwide.
The act of taking a picture of oneself with a mobile phone, placing the subject center-stage, has exploded in popularity in recent years, with everyone from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to U.S. President Barack Obama joining in. But the selfie has also inspired a spate of risk taking and offensive public behavior, pushing the boundaries of safety and decorum, whether by dangling from a skyscraper or posing with live explosives.
Several governments and regulatory bodies have now begun treating the selfie as a serious threat to public safety, leading them to launch public education campaign reminiscent of those against smoking and binge drinking.
Anche noi di INC News siamo contrari all'eccesso: abbiamo visualizzato decine di selfies la cui pericolositá usciva dello schema dello scoop fotografico, per entrare nel rischio della vita propria ed altrui. Dalla semplice foto ricordo del viso si é passati allo spararsi alla tempia fotografando l'evento. (vedi altrove nostra notizia in merito).
INC News, Sciedam, 03/09/2015 - via Moscow Times

Weather forecast of today for Almaty (Kz) and Rotterdam (NL)

INC News, Schiedam, 03/09/2015