Friday, September 18, 2015

Московские врачи провели уникальную операцию беременной женщине

"Вести.net": защита для "Яндекс. Браузера", дешевый интернет от Yaliny

Последствия землетрясения в Чили с высоты птичьего полета

Дни до Универсиады в Алматы будет отсчитывать специальный таймер

Иран: самолеты - на защиту гепарда

Ученые рассказали о создании спермы человека в пробирке

Евростат опубликовал доклад о мигрантах

Do You Know The Facts About Gonorrhoea?

Refugee path through Slovenia under threat as train traffic cut with Cro...

French scientists reveal details of breakthrough in infertility treatment


High School in Louisville, Kentucky on lockdown after active shooter reports

Police in Louisville, Kentucky are responding to a call of an “active shooter” at Western High School.
Western, and the nearby Waller-Williams Environmental School, have both been placed on lockdown.

No further info

INC News, 18/09/2015 - via Web

Distillery District shootout under investigation

Donald Sutherland weighs in on Canadian election

5 things we learned from MI5 chief - BBC News

Bus Flips Into Pond Near Tampa

Bridal Collections Unveiled at Pakistan Fashion

Osservando questa collezione, viene spontaneo pensare che sotto certi aspetti gli stilisti

di mezzo mondo potrebbero trarre ispirazione per le prossime collezioni, specialmente

per  i colori.

INC News, 18/09/2015 - via Ap

More Communities Becoming 'Dementia Friendly'

Clergy Abuse Victims Skeptical of Pope Visit

101 East - White Gold

Hajj 360 - experience the journey to Mecca in 360 degrees

Indonesia up in smoke