Sunday, November 1, 2015

Космодром Восточный. Начало. Специальный репортаж Сергея Лясковского

В Арктике построен жилой комплекс для военных

Авиакомпании опасаются летать над Синаем

Катастрофа в Египте: от самолета остались мелкие осколки, крылья сгорели...

Новости «Добров в эфире» (01.11.2015) 01 ноября 2015 «РЕН ТВ»

Власти Санкт-Петербурга готовы выделить место под общее захоронение жерт...

Брифинг МЧС по результатам первого дня работы спасателей на месте авиака...

Досрочные выборы в Турции: удастсли ли Эрдогану взять реванш?

Свидетель о пожаре в ночном клубе Бухареста

Авиакатастрофа над Синаем: соболезнования родственникам и близким погибших

San Pietroburgo in lutto per le vittime del disastro aereo

Egitto: all'esame le scatole nere del volo MetroJet precipitato sul Sinai

Aung San Suu Kyi holds massive election rally in Yangon

Sinai plane crash: black boxes found

Russia mourns those lost in Egypt plane crash

Secrets behind 'In Search of Putin's Russia' title sequence


Vogliamo ringraziare tutti coloro che ci seguono nelle pagine del nostro blog di notizie, perche' oggi alle 11:48 in only 8 months of life, INC News Second page ha totalizzato:

We need to say thanks to all people believe and follows us in our blog of news, because today at 11:48, after only 8 months of life, INC News Second page reached:

Мы должны сказать спасибо, чтобы все люди верят и следует за нами в нашем блоге новости, потому что сегодня в 11:48, после всего 8 месяцев жизни, INC Новости Вторая страница достигнута:


Halloween movie night


INC News, 01/11/2015 

Halloween asteroid will come within 500,000 km of the Earth


INC News, 01/11/2015

Russian airliner's crash site


INC News, 01/11/2015

Lawyer: Police Violated Bikers' Civil Rights


INC News, 01/11/2015

Independent journalism and the future of the CBC - The Listening Post .


Launched almost a century ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or the CBC, has always played a crucial role in promoting Canadian identity, culture and values.Its output spans a vast, lightly populated country. And given that Canada borders the US, a cultural superpower that beams in a motherlode of news and entertainment programming - in the same language that most Canadians call their mother tongue - the CBC's output must be uniquely Canadian.That has not always been an easy task, made much harder of late, by a number of conflict of interest scandals hitting some of its biggest on-air names.Add to that, the repeated budget cuts and layoffs under the Conservative government of outgoing Prime Minister Steven Harper, and the CBC's future hangs in the balance.But the recent election victory for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party could signal much needed change for the broadcaster.In his election campaign, Trudeau vowed to restore financial support, editorial independence and governance reform. Now Canadians, who overwhelmingly support their public network, need to hold him to his word if the CBC is to survive.The Listening Post's Flo Phillips reports from Toronto on the future of the CBC.

INC News, 01/11/2015 - via CBC News

International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists


INC News, 01/11/2015