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Почему армия России меняет имидж? - BBC Russian

Министерство обороны не жалеет денег на улучшение имиджа армии. Например, строительство военного парка культуры и отдыха "Патриот" под Москвой обошлось в 20 млрд. рублей. Увеличение военных расходов в стране происходит на фоне экономического кризиса.

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Google Sees Click Growth But Value Falls

Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discusses Google’s search for growth and employment at the company. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.”

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What is the future for the BBC? BBC News

Plans to take BBC 3 off-air have been approved,the BBC may lose its Olympics coverage from 2024, it's constantly getting a drubbing in the press and by some politicians, regularly accused of being too left-wing, sometimes of being too right-wing, the licence fee itself is under threat and it's now being reported that the BBC is facing a 150 million pounds a year shortfall in funding. Victoria Deerbyshire was joined by Steve Hewlett, presenter of the media show on Radio 4, Damian Collins a Conservative MP who thinks the license fee is an outdated way of funding the BBC, Kevin Marsh who is a former BBC Editor and Jassa Ahluwalia - the star of BBC 3's Some Girls.

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