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‘Wake Up UK!’: Protesters in Britain rally against ISIS

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Incredible Fireworks!!

Reposts of Hollywood actors singing ever

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23/09/2014-Mira Kartbayeva-for INC 

Human DNA from 400,000 years ago discovered in Spain

Scientists have discovered a fossilised leg bone from an early 400,000-year-old human in the ‘Pit of Bones’ site in Spain and the bone’s DNA opens a new mystery into our human ancestors. Baffled scientists expected it to share the DNA of Neanderthals but it is closer to the Denisovans who lived in Siberia, thousands of kilometres away. Juan Luis Arsuaga, co-director of the site explained to euronews: “This provides insight into how evolution happened to the Neanderthals, the evolution of our species, and the evolutionary relationships between species and lineages almost 1,000 million years ago.” DNA tends to breaks down over time, but the leg bone has been well preserved in the Spanish ‘pit of bones’ because of the constant temperature.

Brain plane simulator

German scientists from Munich and Berlin universities have been working on Brainflight, a system which allows a plane to be steered using the power of thought only. Scientists showed how seven pilots – some with no previous experience of flying – used mind control to fly aircraft with astonishing accuracy. Particiapnts wore a cap containing dozens of electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes, which could read electrical signals from their brains. A specially-formulated algorithm then converted those signals into computer commands. So to turn left the pilot simply images the making the manoeuvre. Scientists are already thinking up other possible uses of this technology. Thorsten Zander is a researcher on the project, and is excited by the possibilities: “One goal of this research is to help people who are paralysed and cannot physically steer things. So we hope, in the future to help them steer a computer mouse, a car, a plane. But I see it could be used by able people too. Perhaps it could help surgeons interact with a computer during an operation, when their hands are fully occupied! Perhaps it could help in situations like these.”

Well, not everything is big and this a sport?

25 years ago the Kazakh was declared a state language

Kazakh Language anniversary

A remarkable event took place 25 years ago – on September 22, 1989 the Kazakh language was declared a state language of Kazakhstan, reports. The Russian language was given the status of “an inter-ethnic language”.
Later the RoK Constitution defined that the ”the Russian language may be used officially on an equal basis with the Kazakh. In accordance with Presidential Decree every third Sunday in September was approved as the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan. The holiday was timed to the law "On languages" approved in Kazakhstan 25 years ago.
Currently along with the Kazakh language in Kazakhstan's schools the children are taught more than 10 national languages of the peoples living in our country. Kazakh is a Turkic language of the Kypchak group (along with Nogai, Karakalpak, Karachai-Balkar, Koumyk, Karaim, Krimean-Tatar, Karagash, Tatar, Bashkir). Together with Nogai, Karakalpak and Karagash languages the Kazakh language falls into Kypchak-Nagai branch.
INC News, 22/09/2014-via Ak Zhaik

Mystery Over 'Weird' Plane Trail Photograph


Air traffic controllers have been unable to explain a peculiar aircraft contrail photographed by a member of the public.
The shape of the trail - which turns one way, then quickly back again - suggests the plane it came from made a sudden detour as it flew over Hampshire. Teacher Florence Lehmann spotted it as she left her home in Southsea at about 7.20am.
Miss Lehmann said: "It's really weird. It looks like the pilot sneezed or fell asleep. Somebody said a UFO had been spotted recently in the area and the pilot had tried to avoid it, which I quite like the sound of. "There was no wind this morning and the plane actually moved trajectory." A spokeswoman for Nats, the air traffic control company, said she could not explain why the plane changed direction.
She said: "Unfortunately Nats has no knowledge of the purpose of any given flight and we do not identify individual aircraft to members of the public." Last week a grey spherical object was photographed in the skies above Portsmouth. The Met Office reportedly said it was not related to the weather and some believe it was a UFO.
INC News, 22/09/2014

Cafes Named After Ukraine's Rebel-Held Areas to Open in Moscow

The coffee and Russia

Two cafes bearing the names of self-proclaimed rebel-held republics in eastern Ukraine — Donetsk and Luhansk — are set to open in Moscow, allowing patrons to discuss the latest politics of the war-torn region over a cup of Russian coffee.
The DNR (Donetsk People's Republic) and LNR (Luhansk People's Republic) cafes will be located on Moscow's Donetsk and Luhansk streets, respectively, the Izvestia newspaper reported Monday, citing the project's founder, who remained unidentified.
The project head, who said he fought alongside pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, estimated his initial start-up costs at about 400,000 rubles ($10,360) per cafe and said he planned to raise the money through a crowdfunding campaign.
"It will be an accessible establishment. People will pay as much as they see fit, and the cafe will operate on this money," he was quoted as saying by Izvestia.
Anatoly Aranov, whose company First Patent Company is participating in the project as a consultant said that in addition to functioning as eateries, the cafes would also be a place for patrons to discuss politics.
INC News, 22/09/2014

Неуловимые кролики. Крейсер Аврора.

Do you know: how are we killing the forests?

Singapore finds a new flame

New York: massive demonstration on climate change

Hamilton on a high in Singapore as Rosberg suffers a mechanical

Hamilton handled everything the Marina Bay circuit could throw at him. Not so arch-rival and teammate Nico Rosberg. During the formation lap Rosberg’s Mercedes simply stopped, forcing him to start from the pit-lane. He abandoned after the 15th lap, when his car stalled again. With the German out Hamilton kept his cool and took full advantage taking maximum points. The Red Bulls of Vettel and Ricciardo crossed second and third. That’s seven wins for Hamilton this season. Lewis is now three points clear of Rosberg. Mercedes dominate the constructors championship.

Doping: Kostner riconvocata per venerdì

Caroline Kostner

La Procura antidoping del Coni ha disposto la seconda audizione di Carolina Kostner per il prossimo venerdì alle 12:30, per rispondere degli addebiti disciplinari già contestati nella precedente comunicazione del 15 settembre. La pattinatrice è chiamata a rispondere della violazione degli articoli 2.8 e 3.3 delle Norme sportive antidoping, cioè di "complicità" e "omessa denuncia" nel caso del suo ex fidanzato e marciatore Alex Schwazer, trovato positivo all'Epo alla vigilia di Londra 2012.

INC News, 22/09/2014-via ANSA AP

Maven arrived around Mars


Decomposed Body Found After Leg Discovered

Decomposed body found

A body has been discovered by officers searching the area where a human leg was found near Rochdale, Greater Manchester.
Lancashire police have been using sniffer dogs to search the area after the adult limb was found on land behind Healey Conservative Club in Whitworth on Sunday.
There is no indication of sex or age of the body due to how badly decomposed it is. A police spokesman said earlier: "Police were called at shortly before 2.45pm to a report that a member of the public had found a human leg on land behind Healey Conservative Club at Whitworth." It is not clear how long the leg has been there or whether it belonged to a man or a woman.
The Conservative Club declined to comment.
INC News, 22/09/2014