Thursday, September 25, 2014

‘Credible’ threats of ISIL attacks on US and Paris metro systems

Iraq’s prime minister has warned that ISIL militants planned attacks on the metro transport network in Paris and subway systems in the US. He reportedly said the information “looks credible.” However a senior US official has said nobody in the US government is aware of a purported plot to attack transport systems in France and the US. Meanwhile French fighter jets struck ISIL targets in Iraq and the US hit them in Syria as a coalition to destroy the militant group gained momentum on Thursday with an announcement that Britain would join. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told reporters: “France will never give in, France does not give into intimidation, that’s the reaction we owe our fellow citizen who was assassinated.” Muslim leaders in France have condemned the death of Hervé Gourdel as an “unspeakable horror” and a “barbarity.”

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